Bella Thorne’s Revenge Thriller ‘Girl’ Explained

This article has the scoop on the plot, cast, reviews, and more of Bella Thorne’s revenge thriller “Girl”. Read to see how this modern scream queen performed.

Bella Thorne in Girl (2020) in a revenge thriller from Screen Media.

Bella Thorne has been considered a modern Scream Queen since her roles in The Seer, Forget Me Not, Mostly Ghostly, Keep Watching, Amityville: The Awakening, The Babysitter, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Her popularity is multiplied by her past as a Disney star as well as her forays into the world of adult entertainment. Thorne runs an Only Fans channel and made her directorial debut with a porn film, Her & Him. Her upcoming project, Girl, is a horror and revenge thriller film about a woman who plans to murder her abusive father.

The movie is set to launch on November 20th.


Watch the full trailer on YouTube.

Here is the official trailer for Girl. It shows Thorne’s character, axe in hand, as she prepares to murder her father only to discover his corpse. Intent on figuring out who did it, she sticks around the small town with a shady cast of characters. Reviews of the trailer are mostly positive and excited Bella Throne fans:

  • “Mickey Rourke has such a great menacing presence, soooo charismatic!!!” ~ Nini Homeboy
  • “She is so the woman to be lead in a revenge film.Her scowl!You know her character means business! It was my daddy’s. Boom! Great to see Mickey back too.The man.Girl…” ~ Mary Taylor
  • “Wait. They’re releasing this in theatres?😂😂😂 Actually, kinds smart. No competition. Whatev. Looks like fun in all the right ways.” ~ Max McKinley
Girl poster font and type art.


Bella Thorne’s character drinks at a small town bar.

Bella Thorne’s character is only named as “girl”. She returns to her hometown with a plan to murder her abusive father. However, upon arrival the girl finds that he has already been tortured and killed. She decides to stick around until she figures out who killed her father. Her investigation includes the town’s creepy sheriff (Mickey O’Rourke) and his low-life brother, Charmer (Chad Faust). Her life becomes endangered the deeper she digs into the mystery.


Girl is directed by Chad Faust. You may recognize him as Jena Malone’s gay boyfriend from Saved!. He also played Kyle Baldwin in The 4400. In addition to acting, Faust is a writer, director and producer. He wrote the script for Girl. This will be his feature film directorial debut.


Bella Thorne stars as the titular Girl. Chad Faust will also be acting in the film. Cast also includes Elizabeth Saunders, Lanette Ware, Mickey Rourke, and Glen Gould.


Girl was released in theaters on November 20 and on video on demand on November 24.


Girl was screened at the Fantastic Fest in Austin and the Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival. The film currently has a rating of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes. On her Instagram account, Thorne shared her feelings about the movie: “OH SHIT SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE I’m over joyed by the critics responses I’m so excited for you guys to see this movie😍


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