Horror Movies

The horror movie section aims to catalog, editorialize and analyze every scary movie ever made. We define horror movies as anything that frightens, thrills the senses from action/violence, contains mysterious creatures, folklore, and anything generally creepy from thrillers to psychological torment. Readers will find this category helpful for research and for figuring out what to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or to buy on Blu-ray.

Top 20 Babysitter Horror Movies

The Babysitter (2017) was made for Netflix and a comedy horror marketed to young people.

Babysitter horror movies tend to overlap with kidnapping and home-invasion movies. But they’ve found their own special niche in horror because…

The Best 60s Horror Movies

The Devil Rides Out (1968) is a 1960s British horror classic about a devil worshipping cult who have their sights set on a beautiful woman.

The 1960s were a foundational decade for what would become the modern horror genre and Hollywood sci-fi films. Many of the…

10+ Tornado Movies — The Violence of Air

Twister (1996) is perhaps the most famous tornado adventure movie, directed by Jan de Bont.

Films about tornados are terrifying because they’re a real possibility. A thunderstorm, a tornado, or a hurricane could hit your hometown…

Best Sci Fi Horror Movies (List)

Ex Machina (2014) was a critically appraised sci-fi/thriller by Alex Garland.

When people think of science fiction, movies like Star Wars and Star Trek are usually the first thing that come to…

35+ Scary Movies Based on True Stories

Still from a horror movie based on a true story.
My Friend Dahmer (2017) is a horror movie based on the true story of Jeffrey Dahmer, as recalled by one of his high school friends.

Horror movies are already scary enough, but watching a scary movie based on a true story ups the creepiness volume up…