Horror Movies

The horror movie section aims to catalog, editorialize and analyze every scary movie ever made. We define horror movies as anything that frightens, thrills the senses from action/violence, contains mysterious creatures, folklore, and anything generally creepy from thrillers to psychological torment. Readers will find this category helpful for research and for figuring out what to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or to buy on Blu-ray.

High School Horror Movies

High school is one big horror movie. The reason you are still reading is because, although it’s a dramatic point, you…

Earthquake Movies: World Shaking Cinema

Earthquake Movies
Aftershock (2012) plays out the horrifying consequences of partying in a nightclub when a massive earthquake hits.

Hollywood has been releasing disaster films since the thirties and forties. Audiences are drawn to movies exploring natural disasters because they…

Tornado Movies — The Violence of Air

Twister (1996) is perhaps the most famous tornado adventure movie, directed by Jan de Bont.

Films about tornados are terrifying because they’re a real possibility. A thunderstorm, a tornado, or a hurricane could hit your hometown…