‘The Traitors’ Is the Murder Mystery Reality Show of Our Dreams (or Nightmares)

You can have a lil murder, as a treat.

The first season of The Traitors included Cody Califior, Cirie Fields, and Stephanie LaGrossa.

The Traitors is a new reality series that premiered on Peacock Jan. 12, 2023. The wild premise is that a group of strangers (half of them reality TV stars) go to a creepy mansion in rural Scotland and are murdered one by one. The game closely mirrors the party game “Mafia” in which a group of innocent people attempt to determine who the mafioso are among them while the mafia members kill innocents at predetermined intervals.

Scottish actor Alan Cumming was the perfect eccentric host for The Traitors.

This series is made for horror fans and anyone whose ever wanted to cosplay their favorite whodunit. While the guests lounge in the mansion to discuss who they think the “traitors” are (in the game Mafia, these would be mafiosi), the traitors conspire to murder the guests who are on to them while wearing capes and gathering in one of the castle’s turrets. The game is hosted by Scottish actor Alan Cumming.

The Traitors is an American version of the Dutch reality show De Verraders, which also plays on the Mafia parlour game. The cast for the first season includes 10 newcomers and 10 reality TV stars.

The Traitors cast:

Reality TV stars:

  • Rachel Reilly, from Big Brother
  • Cirie Fields, from Survivor
  • Kate Chastain, from Below Deck
  • Kyle Cooke, from Summer House
  • Brandi Glanville, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  • Arie Luyendyk Jr., from The Bachelor
  • Stephenie LaGrossa, from Survivor
  • Cody Calafiore, from Big Brother
  • Ryan Lochte, Olympic swimmer
  • Reza Farahan, from Shahs of Sunset


  • Andie Vanacore, Director of Music Services from Reno
  • Shelbe Rodriguez, Public Affairs Manager from Beaumont, TX
  • Quentin Jiles, Political Analyst from Houston
  • Anjelica Conti, Hairstylist from Staten Island
  • Christian de la Torre, Veteran from Los Angeles
  • Amanda Clarke, Emergency Room Nurse from Carlilse, PA
  • Azra Valani, Yoga instructor from Los Angeles
  • Michael Davidson, DMV office manager from Oneida, KY
  • Geraldine Moreno, actress from North Hollywood
  • Robert “Bam” Nieves, Tech sales from Rye, NY
The contestants debated who among them was a traitor and who was faithful.

The entire first season of The Traitors is available to stream on Peacock.

Warning: stop reading here if you are looking to avoid spoilers for The Traitors.

Who were the traitors on The Traitors?

During the first episode, Alan Cumming selected Cirie Fields, Christian de la Torre and Cody Calafiore as traitors. After Christian was eliminated, Arie Luyendyk Jr. was recruited as a new traitor.

Who won season one of The Traitors?

Cirie Fields, who honed her deception skills on four seasons of Survivor was the sole winner of $250k at the end of The Traitors.

What happened at the end of The Traitors?

At the end of The Traitors, four contestants were left. Two traitors: Cirie Fields and Arie Luyendyk Jr., and two faithfuls: Andie Vanacore and Quentin Jiles. The game would end when all contestants agreed there were no traitors left. Andie and Quentin were convinced the final four were all faithfuls and voted to end the game. Cirie, not wanting to share the prize pot with Arie (who had only been a traitor for half the game) was the sole contestant to vote for another banishment. Arie removed himself from the game and the remaining three contestants voted to end the game. Andie and Quentin were duped by Cirie and left with no money. Cirie Fields was the last remaining traitor and won $250,000.

Will there be a season 2 of The Traitors?

There has been no official announcement yet regarding season 2 of The Traitors.

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