‘Behold!’: Trailer and Indiegogo Campaign for the Upcoming Feature from the Makers of ‘Curse of Aurore’

If you’d like to directly support independent horror filmmakers, consider taking a look at Behold!

Behold! will touch on themes including religious trauma.

In 2020, independent film production company Cult Cinema released the found-footage movie Curse of Aurore. The film is an effectively creepy supernatural chiller inspired by the horrific story of the death of Aurore Gagnon. Curse of Aurore is highly recommended for fans of found footage, and it’s currently streaming on Tubi. Now, Cult Cinema is putting the finishing touches on their next feature, Behold!, but they need some help getting across the finish line.

Behold! is described as a “deeper, more complicated plunge” when compared to Curse of Aurore. As stated on their Indiegogo campaign, the goal for Behold! is to “make a sleek, artistic looking film with a focus on story and high quality production value with a VERY limited budget.” Take a look at the trailer and crowdfunding promo below:

Shooting for Behold! is complete, but Cult Cinema is looking for support from crowdfunding to complete post production including visual effects, color grading, and a final audio pass. You can find more information about the team, the movie, the areas they need help with, and the many perks they’re offering to those who choose to support them at the following link: Behold! on Indiegogo

Llana Barron stars in Behold! as Rebecca, a woman suffering from severe depression in a failing marriage. Barron is also a co-writer and producer of Behold!, and she is a co-founder of Cult Cinema Productions. Bryan Scamman co-stars in Behold! as Rebecca’s husband Peter, whose decision to file for divorce puts Rebecca into an even darker mental space which is interrupted by an “otherworldly presence.” Behold! is directed by Cult Cinema co-founder Mehran C. Torgoley.

The poster for Behold! featuring a woman sitting in a chair in front of a white door that has a cross hanging on it.

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