About Us

What is Creepy Catalog?

Founded in 2014 as an offshoot of Thought Catalog, Creepy Catalog is the premier destination for all things creepy, scary, and spooky.

Creepy Catalog’s editorial spans horror movie reviews and analysis, true crime, paranormal studies, urban legends, scary stories, history, unsolved mysteries — from aliens to conspiracies — and all things frightening.

That’s why since we launched over 100 million people have used the Creepy Catalog website as a reference and entertainment source.

Aside from our national recognition as one of the biggest horror/creepy websites on the internet, we also operate the largest creepy Instagram @creepy.catalog and Facebook page.

Who We Are

Chris Lavergne – Publisher

Chris Lavergne is the publisher of Creepy Catalog since the website’s inception in 2014. Chris has worked in new media since 2010 and is a recognized leader in next-generation publishing. His favorite horror movie is Midsommar because it’s just such a bizarre film. 

Chrissy Stockton – Founding Creator

Chrissy Stockton is a writer based in Minnesota. After co-creating Creepy Catalog, Stockton has investigated paranormal phenomena at the Villisca Axe Murder House, The Stanley Hotel, and the Rampart Street Murder House in New Orleans. She writes horror articles on Creepy Catalog and is working on her first horror novel. Her favorite horror movie is Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

About our Company

Creepy Catalog is run by The Thought & Expression Company LLC, an independent media company founded in 2010. Headquartered in New York City with a satellite office in Los Angeles, The Thought & Expression Co. is one of the most successful digital media companies to emerge in the 2000s. Our other sites are Thought Catalog, Shop Catalog, Quote Catalog, and our creative network Collective World.