About Us

Creepy Catalog is a digital magazine covering television and cinema with a primary focus on the following genres: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, crime and arthouse. Our editorial is steeped in academic rigor, but it packs a punch — we write in quick, digestible way with a plethora of visuals to enhance the reading experience. Creepy Catalog is fun but also educational analysis of all things creepy and weird in pop culture.

Founded in 2014, Creepy Catalog is a longstanding authority both as an editorial website and through our social media presences on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. Millions of readers trust us every month as their streaming and cinematic guide.


Creepy Catalog writers are meticulous researchers and culture vultures. Most of our writers have degrees in film studies, philosophy, journalism or literary studies and all of our writers are glued to our screens studying trends on the major streaming platforms and the reactions they invoke on social media. In terms of editorial standards, we have a peer-review process of review for all articles published on the site and we’re constantly reviewing and updating older articles to improve them as new information becomes available.

Editorial Sections 

  • The Creepy Catalog Streaming Guide is a weekly newsletter tracking streaming platforms and what new shows and movies are available on them. Additionally, it provides analysis of popular streaming content, access to upcoming trailers and an array of timely links relevant to the community. Join 50,000 loyal readers by signing up here.
  • Movie Analysis/Surveys: Our movies section curates and contextualizes all of cinematic history by time period, genre, and tropes; for example here is a list of all the horror movies made in the 1960s, all the movies about cults, and another article on every movie that uses the Frankenstein trope. These lists are exhaustive and are great guides for finding a new movie to watch or for scholars looking to understand cinema within a historical context. 
  • eBooks/Physical Books: Creepy Catalog also has a book publishing arm we publish emerging authors in the horror genre.
  • Creepy Catalog Platform Extensions: Creepy Catalog has a vibrant presence on social media with over a million fans on social media. Creepy Catalog also has an extension on the Thought Catalog website, which features scary stories, true crime reporting, and other frightening coverage. 


Creepy Catalog is owned and operated by The Thought and Expression Company LLC, a New York based media company which has been a pioneering force in digital publishing and social media since 2010. Creepy Catalog originally started as a section on our sibling website Thought Catalog and has since evolved into its own entity, as well as its own section on Thought Catalog. 

Who We Are

Chris Lavergne – Publisher

Chris Lavergne

Chris Lavergne is the publisher of Creepy Catalog since the website’s inception in 2014. Chris has worked in new media since 2010 and is a recognized leader in next-generation publishing. His favorite horror movie is Midsommar because it’s just such a bizarre film. 

Chrissy Stockton – Founding Creator

Chrissy Stockton

Chrissy Stockton is a writer based in Minnesota. After co-creating Creepy Catalog, Stockton has investigated paranormal phenomena at the Villisca Axe Murder House, The Stanley Hotel, and the Rampart Street Murder House in New Orleans. She writes horror articles on Creepy Catalog and is working on her first horror novel. Her favorite horror movie is Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.