The Best Horror Movies on Netflix – Updated January 2021

Halle Maria Berry stars in the psychological horror thriller Gothika (2003).

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Coming to Netflix Jan 1:

30 Minutes or Less. This is a comedy, not a horror movie, but it will be interesting to true crime fans because the premise is based on a real life case. In 2003, Brian Wells was working as a pizza delivery person when he had a bomb placed around his neck and was tasked with robbing a bank. Police found Wells and handcuffed him, but did not attempt to dismantle the bomb around his neck. The bomb detonated and Wells was killed. The film 30 Minutes or Less stars Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari and is a comedic take on the tragedy.

Gothika. Halle Berry horror movie about a psychiatrist who wakes up as a patient in the psychiatric hospital where she used to work, the prime suspect in her husband’s murder.

Coming January 5:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011). Crime thriller based on the super popular Swedish book series.

Coming on January 6:

Surviving Death (Season 1). A docu-series that explores paranormal elements of life after death and near-death experiences.

Coming January 13th:

An Imperfect Murder (2017). A woman deals with the fallout of killing her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Best of Netflix

Our favorite picks of what’s currently streaming, updated every month:

Rust Creek. I watched this new release randomly because it’s currently trending on Netflix’s top 10. The beginning was the perfect landscape for something creepy to happen and I love how unsettling it was. It even sounded familiar enough that I became convinced that this is a possible explanation for what happened to Maura Murray. The plot is about a college student who gets lost while on her way to a job interview she hasn’t told anyone about. She runs into some shady locals and realizes the danger she’s in as no one knows where she is. From there, things get spooky (and methy).

Midnight Sky.  This Netflix science-fiction original is directed by George Clooney who also stars as a scientist in a remote research station who finds himself alone after a mass extinction event. Anyone else who is spending the holiday without their loved ones will appreciate the horrifying isolation vibes of this movie. Head over to Facebook to discuss the movie with other horror shut-ins on our watch thread.

The Ripper. Netflix’s new docuseries dropped this week. It’s about the tragic murders of 13 women at the hands of Peter William Coonan, known at the time as the Yorkshire Ripper. While the four episode series is as creepy as any well done true crime show, one of the most interesting and horrifying aspects of this case is how the Ripper’s victims are treated by the police and the public. Because he (like many murderers before and after him) preyed on sex workers, they are viewed as imperfect victims and “deserving” to die because of their professions.

Cam. Get ready to submerse yourself in the neon pink world of online sex work. This is a Netflix horror movie about a cam girl discovers her account has been taken over by a doppelgänger. Super creepy, anxiety-inducing, and fun to watch!

His House. Horror fans are obsessed with this dark thriller about a refugee couple seeking asylum in England. The couple is granted public housing while they await their hearing though it is made clear that any small infraction could get them deported. This gets a lot harder when they realize their house is haunted af. His House currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter. A boarding school empties out for spring break and two students are left behind, one who is trying to avoid her parents and one whose parents neglect to pick her up. The religious school is super creepy in the winter darkness and I love this creepy, slow burn movie. Pay attention to the different POVs the story is told from and buckle up for the ending.

Calibre. A dark thriller about two friends on a hunting trip. After an accident, they engage in a coverup. As you can guess, it doesn’t end well.

Rebecca. This is a wonderful (and spooky!) remake of the Alfred Hitchcock movie from 1940 based on a 1938 gothic Daphne du Maurier novel. It’s perfect for a date night!

#Alive — What would you do if your balcony overlooked the end of the world? This Korean horror movie is about a man trying to survive a zombie pandemic from his apartment building. You might be thankful for your own cozy quarantine when you watch this movie and realize at least Coronavirus isn’t creating fast-moving zombies.

The Haunting of Bly Manor. This is a big premiere for Netflix, season 2 of last year’s super successful The Haunting of Hill House. This season is a riff off of one of the most famous horror stories of all time, The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. It’s about a nanny who uncovers a series of disturbing secrets in her new employer’s mansion. In addition to horror, it’s being referred to as a “gothic romance” so we’ll probably get some sexy scenes as well. 

Vampires vs. The Bronx — This Netflix original stars a trio of young boys as their neighborhood becomes gentrified by vampires. It’s the perfect movie to watch with a horror lightweight who can’t handle too many scares, or as a little appetizer before something really scary. 

American Murder: The Family Next Door — If you haven’t seen this Netflix original documentary about Chris and Shannan Watts and their daughters… run, do not walk to your couch. At least, if you are a true crime fan. This doc was R-I-V-E-T-I-N-G but also terrifying. If you watch it, Chris Watts is going to be living rent free in your head for awhile. Know that.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen — This is the sequel to 2017 Netflix original The Babysitter. It was a modern camp classic about a boy (Cole) with a crush on his babysitter… who turns out to be a cold-hearted Satanic killer. You know, normal high school stuff. Equally funny and scary, Killer Queen follows up with Cole two years after the first film ends. It looks like fun!

1BR — A woman tries to start a new life in Los Angeles, but something in her apartment building isn’t right. Is it just LA or is there something wrong? This Netflix original is getting great reviews in the horror community and should definitely be on your to-watch list if it isn’t already.

Leaving Soon

Bloodsport (1988)

Mara (2017)

The Monster (2016)

Waco: Limited Series (2018)

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