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A tracker of all the new and upcoming horror movies coming out in 2023 and beyond.

It’s been 16 years since Eli Roth made the fake trailer that would eventually turn into Thanksgiving (2023).

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Welcome to the official Creepy Catalog new horror and recent releases movie database. Here we track all the new horror movie releases for 2023 and provide links for where you can stream releases from the past year dating back to early 2022. The list is updated several times a week whenever new releases are announced. If we are missing a film, please email us for consideration.

New Horror Movies

Listed here are all the new horror movies already released in theaters or available on streaming services. When available, we link to where you can watch the movie online in the last column. For reviews and rankings of the very best movies of 2023, head over to our best horror movies of 2023 article.

MovieUSA Release Date Streaming
Bad CGI GatorNov. 24, 2023Amazon, Full Moon
VisitorsNov. 21, 2023Screambox
ThanksgivingNov. 17, 2023TBD (in theaters)
Do Not DisturbNov. 17, 2023Vudu
WintertideNov. 14, 2023Amazon
It’s a Wonderful KnifeNov. 10, 2023Dec. 1
Ghosts of the VoidNov. 3, 2023Amazon
Black NoiseNov. 3, 2023Amazon
Courtney Gets PossessedNov. 3, 2023Amazon
Deep FearNov. 3, 2023Amazon
Project ZNov. 3, 2023Vudu
SquealerNov. 3, 2023Amazon
Where the Devil RoamsNov. 3, 2023Vudu
All Hallows Eve: TricksterOct. 31, 2023Tubi
BloodthirstOct. 31, 2023Amazon
Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael ManorOct. 30, 2023Shudder
Five Nights at Freddy’sOct. 27, 2023Peacock
The HiveOct. 27, 2023Amazon
Sister DeathOct. 27, 2023Netflix
Suitable FleshOct. 27, 2023Amazon
Saturn BowlingOct. 24, 2023Amazon
Taeter BurgerOct. 21,
The Fifth Thoracic VertebraOct. 20, 2023Amazon/Indiepix
KillHerOct. 20, 2023Amazon
Malibu Horror StoryOct. 20, 2023TBD
Night of the HuntedOct. 20, 2023Shudder
Soul MatesOct. 20, 2023TBD
Die’cedOct. 19, 2023Amazon
Onyx the Fortuitous and the
Talisman of Souls
Oct. 19, 2023Screambox
The Devil on TrialOct. 17, 2023Netflix
The Haunting LodgeOct. 17, 2023Amazon
Phantom Fun-WorldOct. 17, 2023Tubi
Shaky ShiversOct. 17, 2023Screambox
Three Blind MiceOct. 17, 2023Amazon
15 CamerasOct. 13, 2023Amazon
The Bell KeeperOct. 13, 2023Amazon
The ConferenceOct. 13, 2023Netflix
Dark HarvestOct. 13, 2023Amazon
Dear DavidOct. 13, 2023Amazon
The ElderlyOct. 13, 2023Amazon
HeBGB TVOct. 13, 2023Screambox
HerdOct. 13, 2023Amazon
In the FireOct. 13, 2023Amazon
The PuppetmanOct. 13, 2023Shudder
Monster InsideOct. 12, 2023Hulu
ImpuratusOct. 10, 2023Amazon
The Exorcist: BelieverOct. 6, 2023Amazon
Cat PersonOct. 6, 2023TBD
Monsters of CaliforniaOct. 6, 2023Amazon
Pet Sematary: BloodlinesOct. 6, 2023Paramount+
The Royal HotelOct. 6, 2023Amazon
Sorry, CharlieOct. 6, 2023Tubi
Totally KillerOct. 6, 2023Prime Video
V/H/S/85Oct. 6, 2023Shudder
VindictaOct. 6, 2023Paramount+
When Evil LurksOct. 6, 2023Shudder
Zombie TownOct. 6, 2023Hulu
Creepy CrawlyOct. 3, 2023Amazon
Don’t Look AwayOct. 3, 2023Amazon
House of DollsOct. 3, 2023Amazon
The JesterOct. 3, 2023Vudu
Mary Had a Little LambOct. 3, 2023Amazon
The Mean OneOct. 3, 2023Amazon
AppendageOct. 2, 2023Hulu
Saw XSept. 29, 2023Amazon
Aimee: The VisitorSept. 29, 2023Full Moon Features, Amazon
Deliver UsSept. 29, 2023Amazon
The ExorcistsSept. 29, 2023Vudu
NightmareSept. 29, 2023Shudder
Gangnam ZombieSept. 26, 2023Amazon
MegalomaniacSept. 26, 2023Amazon
It Lives InsideSept. 22, 2023Amazon
NightsirenSept. 22, 2023Amazon
No One Will Save YouSept. 22, 2023Hulu
Beaten to DeathSept. 19, 2023Amazon
SlotherhouseSept. 19, 2023Amazon
A Haunting in VeniceSept. 15, 2023Hulu
Elevator GameSept. 15, 2023Shudder
Satanic HispanicsSept. 14, 2023Amazon
VenusSept. 12, 2023Amazon
8 Found DeadSept. 8, 2023Amazon
Blood FlowerSept. 8, 2023Shudder
Good BoySept. 8, 2023Amazon
My AnimalSept. 8, 2023Amazon
The Nun IISept. 8, 2023Amazon
Shadow IslandSept. 8, 2023Vudu
All Fun and GamesSept. 1, 2023Amazon
#ChadGetsTheAxeSept. 1, 2023Amazon
PerpetratorSept. 1, 2023Shudder
Don’t Come Back AliveAugust 29, 2023Amazon
The DiveAugust 25, 2023Amazon
That’s a WrapAugust 25, 2023Amazon
BelleAugust 22, 2023Amazon
SubjectAugust 22, 2023Screambox
Bad ThingsAugust 18, 2023Shudder
Birth/RebirthAugust 18, 2023Amazon
Dark WindowsAugust 18, 2023Amazon
Haunting of the Queen MaryAugust 18, 2023Amazon
Blind WatersAugust 12, 2023Tubi
The Last Voyage of the DemeterAugust 11, 2023Amazon
The Communion GirlAugust 11, 2023Shudder
DampyrAugust 8, 2023Amazon
Island EscapeAugust 8, 2023Amazon
Summoning the SpiritAugust 8, 2023Amazon
The Thing Behind the DoorAugust 8, 2023Amazon
Wolf HollowAugust 8, 2023Amazon
Meg 2: The TrenchAugust 4, 2023Amazon
The PassengerAugust 4, 2023Amazon
Heir of the WitchAugust 4, 2023Amazon
Til Death Do Us PartAugust 4, 2023Amazon
Zom 100: Bucket List of the DeadAugust 4, 2023Netflix
Ghastly BrothersAugust 1, 2023Amazon
The MistressJuly 28, 2023Apple TV
Talk to MeJuly 28, 2023Amazon
Haunted MansionJuly 28, 2023Amazon
Sympathy for the DevilJuly 28, 2023Amazon
Resident Evil: Death IslandJuly 25, 2023Amazon
Mother, May I?July 21, 2023Amazon
Fear the NightJuly 21, 2023Amazon
CobwebJuly 21, 2023Amazon
Natty KnocksJuly 21, 2023Amazon
The Lurking FearJuly 21, 2023Tubi
Time’s UpJuly 18, 2023Amazon
No FilterJuly 15, 2023Tubi
Bird Box: BarcelonaJuly 14, 2023Netflix
QuicksandJuly 14, 2023Shudder
The FloodJuly 14, 2023Amazon
Final CutJuly 14, 2023Vudu
Cabin GirlJuly 12, 2023Tubi
We Might Hurt Each OtherJuly 11, 2023Screambox
MurderciseJuly 11, 2023New Village Video
The Deep Web: MurdershowJuly 8, 2023Tubi
TearsuckerJuly 7, 2023Amazon
Insidious: The Red DoorJuly 7, 2023Amazon
Baby BlueJune 24, 2023Tubi
Play DeadJune 17, 2023Tubi
The BlackeningJune 16, 2023Amazon
SeireJune 16, 2023Amazon
Jagged MindJune 15, 2023Hulu
Cannibal CabinJune 13, 2023Amazon
She Came from the WoodsJune 10, 2023Tubi
Brooklyn 45June 9, 2023Shudder
The Angry Black Girl and Her MonsterJune 9, 2023Amazon
PollenJune 6, 2023Amazon
The BoogeymanJune 2, 2023Amazon
Subspecies V: Blood RiseJune 2, 2023Screambox
Follow HerJune 2, 2023Amazon
The Black DemonMay 30, 2023Amazon
The Wrath of BeckyMay 26, 2023Amazon
CrackedMay 26, 2023Amazon
InfluencerMay 26, 2023Shudder
CreepypastaMay 23, 2023Screambox
Dark NatureMay 23, 2023Amazon
Day ZeroMay 23, 2023Amazon
Walking Against the RainMay 23, 2023Amazon
OutpostMay 19, 2023Amazon
Moon GardenMay 19, 2023Amazon
Sleeping BeautiesMay 16, 2023Tubi
Cocaine SharkMay 15, 2023Vudu
The Third Saturday in October Part VMay 5, 2023Amazon
The Third Saturday in OctoberMay 5, 2023Amazon
ClockApril 28, 2023Hulu
From BlackApril 28, 2023Shudder
Kill Her GoatsApril 28, 2023Amazon
Evil Dead RiseApril 21, 2023Amazon
Beau is AfraidApril 21, 2023Amazon
The TankApril 21, 2023Amazon
Bury the BrideApril 21, 2023Tubi
Night of the Killer BearsApril 18, 2023Amazon
RenfieldApril 14, 2023Amazon
The Pope’s ExorcistApril 14, 2023Amazon
Blood, Sweat and CheerApril 14, 2023Tubi
Organ TrailApril 14, 2023Amazon
NefariousApril 14, 2023Amazon
Dead HotApril 13, 2023Tubi
CubeApril 11, 2023Screambox
You’re Killing MeApril 7, 2023Amazon
Family DinnerApril 7, 2023Screambox
Godless: The Eastfield ExorcismApril 6, 2023Google
Living With ChuckyApril 4, 2023Screambox
The UnheardMarch 31, 2023Shudder
MalumMarch 31, 2023Amazon
Enys MenMarch 31, 2023Amazon
StalkerMarch 24, 2023Amazon
LeaveMarch 17, 2023Shudder
The Resurrection of Charles MansonMarch 16, 2023Amazon
The LakeMarch 14, 2023Amazon
Scream VIMarch 10, 2023Paramount+
65March 10, 2023Amazon
This LandMarch 10, 2023Tubi
Unicorn WarsMarch 10, 2023Amazon
UnwelcomeMarch 10, 2023Amazon
Sound of SilenceMarch 9, 2023Amazon
UnseenMarch 7, 2023Amazon
Children of the CornMarch 3, 2023Amazon
Hunt Her Kill HerMarch 3, 2023Amazon
The ParkMarch 2, 2023Amazon
Spoonful of SugarMarch 2, 2023Shudder
The WelderFebruary 24, 2023Tubi
Cocaine BearFebruary 24, 2023Amazon
We Have a GhostFebruary 24, 2023Netflix
The WelderFebruary 24, 2023Amazon
The StraysFebruary 22, 2023Netflix
UnlockedFebruary 17, 2023Netflix
Winnie the Pooh: Blood and HoneyFebruary 15, 2023Amazon
Ox-Head VillageFebruary 14, 2023Screambox
Project Wolf HuntingFebruary 14, 2023Amazon
Re/MemberFebruary 14, 2023Netflix
SwallowedFebruary 14, 2023Amazon
ConsecrationFebruary 10, 2023Vudu
Huesara: The Bone WomanFebruary 10, 2023Amazon
She Came from the WoodsFebruary 10, 2023Tubi
The OutwatersFebruary 9, 2023Screambox
Yellow Dragon’s VillageFebruary 7, 2023Screambox
Baby RubyFebruary 3, 2023Amazon
Knock at the CabinFebruary 3, 2023Amazon
Viking WolfFebruary 3, 2023Netflix
Woman of the PhotographsFebruary 3, 2023Amazon
BloodJanuary 27, 2023Amazon
FearJanuary 27, 2023Amazon
Infinity PoolJanuary 27, 2023Amazon
Teen Wolf: The MovieJanuary 26, 2023Paramount+
Birdemic 3: Sea EagleJanuary 24, 2023Amazon
Signal 100January 24, 2023Screambox
Alice, DarlingJanuary 20, 2023Amazon
Alone at NightJanuary 20, 2023Amazon
MissingJanuary 20, 2023Missing
Sorry About the Demon January 19, 2023Shudder
In DreamsJanuary 17, 2023Screambox
There’s Something Wrong With the ChildrenJanuary 17, 2023Amazon
Snow FallsJanuary 17, 2023Vudu
SickJanuary 13, 2023Peacock
SkinamarinkJanuary 13, 2023Shudder
The Devil ConspiracyJanuary 13, 2023Amazon
JethicaJanuary 13, 2023Amazon
Mask of the DevilJanuary 13, 2023Amazon
The OfferingJanuary 13, 2023Amazon
The Price We PayJanuary 13, 2023Amazon
Human ResourcesJanuary 10, 2023Amazon
M3GANJanuary 6, 2023Peacock (PG-13)
Peacock (Unrated)
LandLockedJanuary 6, 2023Amazon
The AnchorDecember 27, 2022Amazon
The Pale Blue EyeDecember 23, 2022Netflix
NannyDecember 16, 2022Amazon Prime
The ApologyDecember 16, 2022Shudder
LullabyDecember 16, 2022Amazon
Adult Swim Yule Log (aka The Fireplace)December 12, 2022HBO Max
The Mean OneDecember 9, 2022October 3, 2023
Christmas Bloody ChristmasDecember 9, 2022Shudder
Bed RestDecember 7, 2022Tubi
Violent NightDecember 2, 2022Amazon
The Eternal DaughterDecember 2, 2022Amazon
A Wounded FawnDecember 1, 2022Shudder
TrollDecember 1, 2022Netflix
Bones and All November 23, 2022Amazon
Blood RelativesNovember 22, 2022Shudder
The MenuNovember 18, 2022HBO Max
The WonderNovember 16, 2022Netflix
Something in the DirtNovember 4, 2022Amazon
Soft & QuietNovember 4, 2022Amazon
MissingNovember 4, 2022Amazon
Run Sweetheart RunOctober 28, 2022Amazon Prime
The LairOctober 28, 2022Amazon
Prey for the DevilOctober 28, 2022Amazon
Wendell & WildOctober 28, 2022Netflix
Slash/BackOctober 21, 2022Amazon
MatriarchOctober 21, 2022Hulu
V/H/S/99October 20, 2022Shudder
Halloween EndsOctober 14, 2022Peacock
Old ManOctober 14, 2022Amazon
PiggyOctober 14, 2022Amazon
Dark GlassesOctober 13, 2022Shudder
Spirit Halloween: The MovieOctober 11, 2022Amazon
GrimcuttyOctober 10, 2022Hulu
Bring it On: Cheer or DieOctober 8, 2022Amazon
HellraiserOctober 7, 2022Hulu
Significant OtherOctober 7, 2022Paramount+
Werewolf by NightOctober 7, 2022Disney+
Terrifier 2October 6, 2022Screambox
DeadstreamOctober 6, 2022Shudder
Mr. Harrigan’s PhoneOctober 5, 2022Netflix
Hocus Pocus 2September 30, 2022Disney+
My Best Friend’s ExorcismSeptember 30, 2022Amazon Prime
SmileSeptember 30, 2022Amazon
SissySeptember 29, 2022Shudder
The MunstersSeptember 27, 2022Netflix
Don’t Worry DarlingSeptember 23, 2022Amazon
Raven’s HollowSeptember 22, 2022Shudder
Jeepers Creepers: RebornSeptember 19, 2022Amazon
PearlSeptember 16, 2022Amazon
Goodnight MommySeptember 16, 2022Amazon
MargauxSeptember 9, 2022Amazon
BarbarianAugust 31, 2022HBO Max
The InvitationAugust 26, 2022Amazon
Orphan: First KillAugust 19, 2022Paramount+
BeastAugust 19, 2022Amazon
GloriousAugust 18, 2022Shudder
Day ShiftAugust 12, 2022Netflix
FallAugust 12, 2022Amazon
ResurrectionAugust 5, 2022Vudu
Bodies, Bodies, BodiesAugust 5, 2022Amazon
PreyAugust 5, 2022Hulu
They/ThemAugust 5, 2022Peacock
AllegoriaAugust 1, 2022Shudder
The Reef: StalkedJuly 29, 2022Shudder
NopeJuly 22, 2022Amazon
American CarnageJuly 15, 2022Amazon
Gone in the NightJuly 15, 2022Amazon
She WillJuly 15, 2022Shudder
Welcome to HellJuly 12, 2022Amazon
Killroy Was HereJuly 12, 2022NFT Only
IncantationJuly 8, 2022Netflix
RubikonJuly 1, 2022Amazon
The Black PhoneJune 24, 2022Amazon
Dawn Breaks Behind the EyesJune 24, 2022Amazon
Flux GourmetJune 24, 2022Amazon
RevealerJune 23, 2022Shudder
CystJune 21, 2022Amazon
AbandonedJune 17, 2022Amazon
Mid-CenturyJune 17, 2022Amazon
The Nanny’s NightJune 17, 2022Amazon
The Witch: Part 2. The Other OneJune 17, 2022Amazon
Mad GodJune 16, 2022Shudder
ErzulieJune 14, 2022Amazon
Off SeasonJune 10, 2022Shudder
The RighteousJune 10, 2022Arrow
Crimes of the FutureJune 3, 2022Amazon
DashcamJune 3, 2022Amazon
The PassengerJune 3, 2022Amazon
UnhumanJune 3, 2022Amazon
WatcherJune 3, 2022Amazon
Lux AeternaMay 20, 2022Vudu
MenMay 20, 2022Amazon
Torn HeartsMay 20, 2022Amazon
FirestarterMay 13, 2022Peacock
MonstrousMay 13, 2022Amazon
HomeboundMay 13, 2022Amazon
The InnocentsMay 13, 2022Amazon
The SadnessMay 12, 2022Shudder
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessMay 6, 2022Disney+
The TwinMay 6, 2022Shudder
The AviaryApril 29, 2022Amazon
HatchingApril 29, 2022Amazon
The NorthmanApril 22, 2022Amazon
Choose or DieApril 15, 2022Netflix
The CellarApril 15, 2022Shudder
MidnightApril 5, 2022Amazon
MorbiusApril 1, 2022Amazon
You Won’t Be AloneApril 1, 2022Amazon
BarbariansApril 1, 2022Amazon
Night’s EndMarch 31, 2022Shudder
You Are Not My MotherMarch 25, 2022Amazon
Deep WaterMarch 18, 2022Hulu
MasterMarch 18, 2022Prime
UmmaMarch 18, 2022Amazon
XMarch 18, 2022Amazon
The Bunker GameMarch 17, 2022Shudder
The SeedMarch 10, 2022Shudder
The BatmanMarch 4, 2022HBO Max
FreshMarch 4, 2022Hulu
Studio 666February 25, 2022Amazon
No Exit February 25, 2022 Hulu
HellbenderFebruary 24, 2022Shudder
Don’t Kill MeFebruary 21, 2022Netflix
Texas Chainsaw MassacreFebruary 18, 2022Netflix
A BanquetFebruary 18, 2022Amazon
The CursedFebruary 18, 2022Amazon
The Ghosts of Borley RectoryFebruary 18, 2022Amazon
The Long WalkFebruary 18, 2022Amazon
King KnightFebruary 17, 2022Amazon
They Live in the GreyFebruary 17, 2022Shudder
Here BeforeFebruary 11, 2022Amazon
All the MoonsFebruary 10, 2022Shudder
Student BodyFebruary 8, 2022Amazon
The Long NightFebruary 4, 2022Amazon
Alone With YouFebruary 4, 2022Amazon
SlapfaceFebruary 3, 2022Shudder
The Last Thing Mary SawJanuary 20, 2022Shudder
The RunnerJanuary 16, 2022Shudder
Scream January 14, 2022Amazon
ShatteredJanuary 14, 2022Amazon
The Free FallJanuary 14, 2022Amazon
See For MeJanuary 7, 2022Amazon
The KindredJanuary 7, 2022Amazon
The Legend of La LloronaJanuary 7, 2022Amazon
The WastelandJanuary 6, 2022 Netflix

Upcoming Horror Movies

Movie Release DateGenreDirector
Bad CGI GatorNovember 24, 2023Alligator, ComedyDanny Draven
Night of the MissingNovember 28, 2023Horror AnthologySamuel Gonzalez Jr., Matthew Hersh
Godzilla Minus OneDecember 1, 2023KaijuTakashi Yamazaki
Loop TrackDecember 1, 2023Survival, PsychologicalThomas Sainsbury
Raging GraceDecember 1, 2023Mystery, Dark ThrillerParis Zarcilla
There’s Something in the BarnDecember 1, 2023Christmas, Comedy, ElvesMagnus Martens
AbigailDecember 5, 2023Serial Killer, RevengeMelissa Vitello
The CelloDecember 8, 2023Supernatural, CurseDarren Lyn Bousman
A Creature Was StirringDecember 8, 2023Christmas HorrorDamien LeVeck
Lord of MisruleDecember 8, 2023Folk HorrorWilliam Brent Bell
The PortraitDecember 8, 2023Psychological HorrorSimon Ross
The Sacrifice GameDecember 8, 2023Occult, SurvivalJenn Wexler
WaldenDecember 12, 2023Serial Killer, VigilanteMick Davis
Night SwimJanuary 5, 2024SupernaturalBryce McGuire
Founders DayJanuary 19, 2024SlasherErik Bloomquist
Lisa FrankensteinFebruary 9, 2024Horror ComedyZelda Willliams
Out of DarknessFebruary 9, 2024SurvivalAndrew Cumming
Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2February 14, 2024SlasherRhys Frake-Waterfield
ImaginaryMarch 8, 2024Imaginary FriendJeff Wadlow
Ghostbusters: Frozen EmpireMarch 29, 2024Comedy, GhostsGil Kenan
Godzilla x Kong: The New EmpireApril 12, 2024KaijuAdam Wingard
Untitled Universal Monster MovieApril 19, 2024MonsterMatt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
The WatchersJune 7, 2024Isolation, MonsterIshana Night Shyamalan
HorrorscopeJune 28, 2024SupernaturalAnna Halberg
A Quiet Place: Day OneJune 28, 2024Science FictionMichael Sarnoski
TrapAugust 2, 2024UnknownM. Night Shyamalan
Speak No EvilAugust 9, 2024Psychological HorrorJames Watkins
Alien: RomulusAugust 16, 2024AliensFede Alvarez
Beetlejuice 2September 6, 2024ComedyTim Burton
Smile 2October 8, 2024SupernaturalParker Finn
Terrifier 3October 25, 2024SlasherDamien Leone
M3GAN 2.0January 17, 2025A.I. HorrorGerard Johnston
BladeFebruary 14, 2025Vampire, ActionYann Demange
The Exorcist: DecieverApril 18, 2025PossessionDavid Gordon Green
The Black Phone 2June 27, 2025SupernaturalScott Derrickson
AbberanceTBD, 2024Cabin in the Woods, PsychologicalBataar Batsukh
Adam Chaplin 2TBD, 2023Action, SplatterGiulio De Santi, Tiziana Machella
AzraelTBDAction HorrorE.L. Katz
Cannibal ComedianTBDCannibal ComedySean Haitz
The Conjuring: Last RitesTBDSupernaturalTBD
CreepersTBDUrban SurvivalMarc Klasfeld
Dark MatchTBDPro-Wrestling HorrorLowell Dean
A Different ManTBD, 2023PsychologicalAaron Schimberg
Doctor JekyllTBDMad ScientistJoe Stephenson
Easter Bloody EasterTBDMonster, EasterDiane Foster
Faces of DeathTBDPsychologicalDaniel Goldhaber
Fear Street sequelTBDSupernaturalChloe Okuno
Founders DayTBDSlasherErik Bloomquist
I Saw the TV GlowTBDPsychologicalJane Schoenbrun
The InheritanceTBDSurvival HorrorAlejandro Brugues
The Last Train to New YorkTBDZombieTimo Tjahjanto
LonglegsTBD, 2024Serial KillerOz Perkins
MaXXXineTBDSlasherTi West
The Mutilator 2TBDSlasherBuddy Cooper
NekrokosmTBDSci-fiPanos Cosmatos
Untitled Night of the Living Dead sequelTBDZombiesNikyatu Jusu
NightbitchTBDHorror ComedyMarielle Heller
The Not PollyTBDPossessionJohannes Roberts
The Red TriangleTBDShark AttackJohannes Roberts
Return to Silent HillTBDPsychological HorrorChristophe Gans
Salem’s LotTBDVampireGary Dauberman
The SeedingTBDThrillerBarnaby Clay
Skill HouseTBDSatire, SlasherJosh Stolberg
The SkulletonTBDPsychological HorrorAnte Novakovic
The Strangers: Chapter 1TBDHome InvasionRenny Harlin
SybilTBDPsychological ThrillerJoanne Mitchell
The Toxic AvengerTBDSuperheroMacon Blair
They ListenTBDUnknownChris Weitz
True HauntingTBD, 2023ExorcismGary Fleder
VioletTBDPsychologicalLena Heady
The WellTBDSupernaturalFederico Zampaglione
Werewolf GameTBDWerewolfCara Brennan, Jackie Payne

Best New Trailers

Do Not Disturb

In limited theaters November 17, 2023. Streaming November 21, 2023.
A couple on their honeymoon try peyote, but it is a rare strand that instills in them a desire to eat human flesh.

Visitors: Complete Edition

Streaming on Screambox November 21, 2023.
This Japanese horror anthology film promises dark comedy and LOTS of gore.

Bad CGI Gator

Streaming November 24, 2023.
Spring breakers at a cabin toss their school laptops into a nearby lake, creating a bad CGI gator!

Night of the Missing

Streaming on Screambox November 28, 2023.
This horror anthology film features horror icon Bill Moseley and Terrifier 2016 star Jenna Kanell.

Godzilla Minus One

In theaters December 1, 2023.
In the late 1940s, in a Japan still reeling from WWII, Godzilla appears and makes an unbearably devastating situation even worse.

Loop Track

Streaming December 1, 2023.
A man on the verge of a nervous breakdown believes he is being stalked by a monster while hiking in the New Zealand wilderness.

Raging Grace

In limited theaters December 1, 2023. Streaming December 8, 2023.
An undocumented Filipina immigrant, Joy, takes a job caring for a terminally ill man to provide a better life for herself and her daughter. However, dark secrets held in the home of the man threaten to tear their lives apart.

There’s Something in the Barn

Streaming December 1, 2023.
An American family moves to a cabin in the woods in Norway, but with their new home come rules for appeasing the elf living in the barn.


Streaming December 5, 2023.
Set in a small Alabama town in 1976, Abigail is about a young woman with a violent past who helps a new friend stand up to bullies… with deadly consequences.

A Creature was Stirring

In limited theaters December 8, 2023. Streaming December 12, 2023.
A mother medicates her daughter to protect her from a mysterious and dangerous affliction, but a break-in at their house threatens to uncover their secrets.

Lord of Misrule

In theaters and streaming December 8, 2023.
A small-town priest’s search for her missing daughter uncovers disturbing secrets and rituals in this creepy folk horror film.

The Sacrifice Game

Streaming on Shudder December 8, 2023.
Students stuck at their boarding school during the holidays fight for their lives against a killer cult intent on making them sacrifices in The Sacrifice Game.


In limited theaters November 10, 2023. Streaming December 12, 2023.
Emile Hirsch stars as a court stenographer who takes justice into his own brutal hands after he learns that he is dying from a terminal disease.

Founders Day

In theaters January 19, 2024.
A series of brutal murders set the stage for a small town’s upcoming mayoral election in Founders Day.

Night Swim

In theaters January 24, 2024.
From Blumhouse, Night Swim stars Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon in a supernatural horror movie about a malevolent entity haunting a family’s swimming pool.

Lisa Frankenstein

In theaters February 9, 2024.
From writer Diablo Cody and director Zelda Williams, Lisa Frankenstein is about a high-school girl who resurrects a Victorian-era man and attempts to piece him into the man of her dreams.


In theaters March 8, 2024.
A woman’s stepdaughter gains a new friend when she discovers an old teddy bear in the basement of their new home, but the games the girl plays with her imaginary friend become increasing sinister… and real.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

In theaters March 29, 2024.
An ancient artifact unleashes a force that threatens to usher in a new ice age unless the ghostbusters, old and new, can join forces and save the world.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

In theaters April 12, 2024.
Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs. Kong) returns to direct the newest installment of the MonsterVerse franchise.

Terrifier 3

In theaters October 25, 2024.
Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) and Sienna (Lauren LaVera) return for Terrifier 3, but this time Art is wreaking havoc and spilling blood during the Christmas season.

Cannibal Comedian

Release date to be determined.
A cannibal attempts to live a normal life by becoming a stand-up comedian.

Doctor Jekyll

Release date to be determined.
Eddie Izzard stars as Nina Jekyll in this reinterpretation of the calssic novella The Strange Cast of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Malibu Horror Story

Limited theaters October 20, 2023. Streaming date TBD.
Paranormal investigators search a cave for clues about a group of missing teens in this found-footage supernatural horror movie.

Return to Silent Hill

Release date to be determined.
Christophe Gans (the director of the 2006 Silent Hill movie) returns to adapt arguably the best entry in the video game series, Silent Hill 2 (2001).

Skill House

Release date to be determined.
50 Cent and TikTok personality Bryce Hall star in a survival-game horror movie that satirizes social media influencers.

Soul Mates

In limited theaters October 20, 2023. Streaming date TBD.
In Soul Mates, Neal McDonough plays a matchmaker and gamesmaster in a dating service that pairs two people together and forces them to navigate their way through a series of deadly games.

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