New Horror Movies

A tracker of all the new and upcoming horror movies coming out in 2022 and 2023.

Katey Sagal stars as a murderous country music icon in Torn Hearts (2022) from Blumhouse Television.

Welcome to the official Creepy Catalog new horror movie database. Tracking all the new horror movie releases for 2022 and into 2023. The list is updated several times a week whenever new releases are announced. If we are missing a film, please email us for consideration.

Upcoming Horror Movies

Movie Release DateGenreDirector
DashcamJune 3, 2022Found FootageRob Savage
The PassengerJune 3, 2022Sci-fiRaúl Cerezo, Fernando González Gómez
WatcherJune 3, 2022StalkerChloe Okuno
Crimes of the FutureJune 10, 2022Sci-Fi/Body HorrorDavid Cronenberg
The RighteousJune 10, 2022PsychologicalMark O’Brien
Mad GodJune 16, 2022Sci-fi / Stop MotionPhil Tippett
The Black PhoneJune 24, 2022SupernaturalScott Derrickson
Flux GourmetJune 24, 2022Black ComedyPeter Strickland
RubikonJuly 1, 2022Sci-fiMagdalena Lauritsch
Bed RestJuly 15, 2022Supernatural/PsychologicalLori Evans Taylor
She WillJuly 15, 2022WitchcraftCharlotte Colbert
NopeJuly 22, 2022UnknownJordan Peele
Bodies Bodies BodiesAugust 5, 2022SlasherHalina Reijn
PreyAugust 5, 2022Action/Sci-fiDan Trachtenberg
ResurrectionAugust 5, 2022PsychologicalAndrew Semans
Salem’s LotSeptember 9, 2022VampireGary Dauberman
Dark HarvestSeptember 9, 2022FantasyDavid Slade
Don’t Worry DarlingSeptember 23, 2022PsychologicalOlivia Wilde
Halloween EndsOctober 14, 2022SlasherDavid Gordon Green
The Devil’s LightOctober 28, 2022SupernaturalDaniel Stamm
Dark GlassesFall 2022GialloDario Argento
Hocus Pocus 2Fall 2022FamilyAnne Fletcher
Disappointment BlvdTBD, 2022Unknown Ari Aster
Evil Dead RiseTBD, 2022DemonicLee Cronin
The Inheritance (aka The Last Will and Testament of Charles Abernathy)TBD, 2022Survival HorrorAlejandro Brugues
Jeepers Creepers: RebornTBD, 2022MonsterTimo Vuorensola
KillRoy Was HereTBD, 2022Horror AnthologyKevin Smith
The MunstersTBD, 2022Black ComedyRob Zombie
Orphan: First KillTBD, 2022PsychologicalWilliam Brent Bell
SeireTBD, 2022PsychologicalPark Kang
Terrifier 2TBD, 2022SlasherDamien Leone
UnwelcomeTBD, 2022MonsterJon Wright
PearlTBD, 2022SlasherTi West
M3GANJanuary 13, 2023Killer DollGerard Johnstone
Werewolf GameJanuary 2023WerewolfCara Brennan, Jackie Payne
Scream 6March 31, 2023SlasherMatt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
The BoogeymanTBD, 2023SupernaturalRob Savage
Bones and AllTBDHorror RomanceLuca Guadagnino
Doctor JekyllTBDMad ScientistJoe Stephenson
NekrokosmTBDSci-fiPanos Cosmatos
VioletTBDPsychologicalLena Heady

Best New Trailers


In theaters and streaming on Peacock May 13, 2022.
Ryan Kiera Armstrong and Zac Efron star in this new interpretation of Stephen King’s classic novel.


In theaters and on VOD May 13, 2022.
Christina Ricci stars as a mother who attempts to start a new life with her young son after leaving her abusive ex-husband, but a different kind of monster may be lurking nearby.


In theaters May 20, 2022.
Men is a psychological horror movie from A24 starring Jessie Buckley and written/directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation).

Torn Hearts

Streaming May 20, 2022.
Katey Sagal stars in Torn Hearts as a country music icon with a dark past who puts two up-and-coming musicians through a deadly ordeal.


In theaters and on VOD June 3, 2022.
The writers and director of the lockdown-horror hit Host (2020) return for a found footage movie about a terrifying road trip.


In theaters June 3, 2022, on VOD June 21, 2022.
Maika Monroe (It Follows) stars in this stalker thriller from director Chloe Okuno.

Crimes of the Future

Comes to limited theaters June 3, expanding to a wide release June 10.
David Cronenberg describes Crimes of the Future as “a meditation on human evolution.”

Mad God

In limited theaters and on Shudder June 16, 2022.
Visual effects artist Phil Tippett (Star Wars [1977], Robocop [1987], Starship Troopers [1997]) brings to life a stop-motion animated sci-fi horror movie he began back in 1987.

The Black Phone

In theaters June 24, 2022.
Director Scott Derrickson and star Ethan Hawke team up again for what promises to be another tense and creepy supernatural horror movie.

Flux Gourmet

In theaters June 24, 2022.
Peter Strickland (In Fabric, Berberian Sound Studio) brings to life a bizarre story about a dysfunctional group of artists who specialize in “sonic catering” (i.e. sounds from food).


In theaters July 22, 2022.
Jordan Peele’s Nope remains shrouded in mystery, even after viewing the trailer.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

In theaters August 5, 2022.
Bodies Bodies Bodies is a whodunit slasher movie by way of a darkly comedic social satire featuring a great cast including Amandla Stenberg and Pete Davidson.


On Hulu August 5, 2022.
The latest installment of The Predator series, a prequel taking place 300 years ago and pitting a Native American woman against a Predator, gets a streaming debut from Hulu on August 5th.

Don’t Worry Darling

In theaters September 23, 2022.
Olivia Wilde directs Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, and Chris Pine in this highly-anticipated psychological thriller about a 1950’s housewife who begins to uncover the dark side of her idyllic community.

New Release Horror Movies

Listed here are all the new horror movies already released in theaters or available on streaming services. When available, we link to where you can watch the movie online in the last column. For reviews and rankings of the very best movies of the year, head over to our best horror movies of 2022 article.

MovieUSA Release Date Streaming
Lux AeternaMay 20, 2022TBD
MenMay 20, 2022Vudu (Pre-order)
Torn HeartsMay 20, 2022Amazon
FirestarterMay 13, 2022Peacock
MonstrousMay 13, 2022Amazon
HomeboundMay 13, 2022Amazon
The InnocentsMay 13, 2022Amazon
The SadnessMay 12, 2022Shudder
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessMay 6, 2022TBD
The TwinMay 6, 2022Shudder
The AviaryApril 29, 2022Amazon
HatchingApril 29, 2022Amazon
The NorthmanApril 22, 2022Amazon
Choose or DieApril 15, 2022Netflix
The CellarApril 15, 2022Shudder
MidnightApril 5, 2022Amazon
MorbiusApril 1, 2022Amazon
You Won’t Be AloneApril 1, 2022Amazon
BarbariansApril 1, 2022Amazon
Night’s EndMarch 31, 2022Shudder
You Are Not My MotherMarch 25, 2022Amazon
Deep WaterMarch 18, 2022Hulu
MasterMarch 18, 2022Prime
UmmaMarch 18, 2022Amazon
XMarch 18, 2022Amazon
The Bunker GameMarch 17, 2022Shudder
The SeedMarch 10, 2022Shudder
The BatmanMarch 4, 2022HBO Max
FreshMarch 4, 2022Hulu
Studio 666February 25, 2022Amazon
No Exit February 25, 2022 Hulu
HellbenderFebruary 24, 2022Shudder
Don’t Kill MeFebruary 21, 2022Netflix
Texas Chainsaw MassacreFebruary 18, 2022Netflix
A BanquetFebruary 18, 2022Amazon
The CursedFebruary 18, 2022Amazon
The Ghosts of Borley RectoryFebruary 18, 2022Amazon
The Long WalkFebruary 18, 2022Amazon
King KnightFebruary 17, 2022Amazon
They Live in the GreyFebruary 17, 2022Shudder
Here BeforeFebruary 11, 2022Amazon
All the MoonsFebruary 10, 2022Shudder
Student BodyFebruary 8, 2022Amazon
The Long NightFebruary 4, 2022Amazon
Alone With YouFebruary 4, 2022Amazon
SlapfaceFebruary 3, 2022Shudder
The Last Thing Mary SawJanuary 20, 2022Shudder
The RunnerJanuary 16, 2022Shudder
Scream January 14, 2022Amazon
ShatteredJanuary 14, 2022Amazon
The Free FallJanuary 14, 2022Amazon
See For MeJanuary 7, 2022Amazon
The KindredJanuary 7, 2022Amazon
The Legend of La LloronaJanuary 7, 2022Amazon
The WastelandJanuary 6, 2022Netflix

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