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The movie section aims to catalog, editorialize and analyze every scary movie, fantasy and sci-fi film ever made. Any movie that frightens, thrills the senses from action/violence, contains mysterious creatures, folklore, and anything generally creepy from thrillers to psychological torment. Readers will find this category helpful for research and for figuring out what to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or to buy on Blu-ray.

35+ Detective Movies

Whether they’re solving a string of murders or just looking for a missing person, these detective movies show the gritty side of solving mysteries.

The Most Disturbing Scene in ‘Hereditary’

The scares in Hereditary are shocking, but the truly upsetting aspects of Ari Aster’s supernatural horror movie reside in its realistic depiction of the effects of tragedy and grief. For that reason, the most disturbing scene in Hereditary may not be exactly what you think.