Natalia Vela

Natalia is a writer, poet, and collage artist living in Houston, Texas. Her favorite scary movies include Pearl, Midsommar, and Jennifer’s Body. In her spare time, she enjoys writing “good for her” horror fiction.

10 Essential Pre-Code Horror Movies 

“Pre-code” horror movies are part of a period of time that created some of the most riveting (and scandalous) films in the genre. Check out some of the most essential flicks of the era on this list.

Why Fans Are Boycotting Scream 7

Fans of the franchise have vowed to boycott Scream 7 and Spyglass Media Group. They have started the hashtag #JusticeForMelissaBarrera and are declaring “No Melissa Barrera, No Scream 7.”

30+ Weird Girl Horror Movies

This list is specifically curated for fans of movies in the vein of Possession (1981), Misery (1990), and May (2002). Discover new “weird girl horror” movies to add to your watchlist or re-discover some of your faves in the niche subgenre.