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Creepy Catalog is a community of obsessive horror fans. In the streaming guide, we send our recommendations for the best horror on the internet — featuring horror entertainment news, true crime updates, and select scary stories from our readers.

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4 Creepy Movies Streaming This Weekend (6/7)

What’s streaming this weekend.

Under Paris (2024) sees a Shark swimming in the Seine.

Creepy Catalog obsessively tracks the best horror movies streaming on NetflixPrime VideoMaxHuluShudderPeacockParamount+, and Tubi. You can check our individual guides for our selections from each platform. This streaming guide is a weekly round up of new releases and the best hidden gems streaming each weekend with an aim to include mostly free content already included in streaming services you may already have:

Here are the movies that should be on your radar this weekend (6/7):

Godzilla Minus One (2023). Streaming on Netflix. One of the best movies of 2023, this creature feature sees Godzilla terrorizing postwar Japan. Check out our guide to the Godzilla and Kong Monsterverse here.

Under Paris (2024). Streaming on Netflix. A dangerous shark is loose in the Seine river in Paris.

I.S.S. (2023). Streaming on Paramount+. I.S.S. has a great high-concept plot: after nuclear war, both Russian and American astronauts aboard the International Space Station receive orders to take control of the station for their country. However, this is best enjoyed as a bad movie, rather than going in with high expectations.

Dawn of the Dead (2004). Streaming on Prime Video. Zack Snyder’s excellent remake of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead (1978). After a zombie outbreak, a group of survivors take refuge at a shopping mall.

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