Joseph Quinn and Lupita Nyong’o star in A Quiet Place: Day One (2024), now in theatres.

This weekend A Quiet Place: Day One hits theaters. This is a must see theatrical experience as the A Quiet Place films are unlike any other. Earlier this month, a few of our readers shared why seeing these films in the theater was such a memorable experience:

“It was me and 2 other people sitting individually on opening day, Friday afternoon. I didn’t even eat my popcorn because it was so loud. Very cool experience.” – Scott

“I went on opening night, it was a sold out screening and every single person was quiet! Not one noise… it was an experience I have not had again.” – Anthony

“The theater room was full and yet everyone shut up as soon as the movie started. People didn’t even drink or eat during the movie and everyone would just quietly flinch when something shocking happened. It was amazing and made me love watching movies in the theater again.” – Ralphis

“You could have heard a pin drop. No one talked, shifted in their seat or even got up to get refills or go to the bathroom. You didn’t hear candy open, popcorn crunching, or slurpy straws. I kid you not, other than the movie, it was dead silent. My husband and I talked about it for weeks and anytime someone asked about the movie we emphatically said you HAVE to see it at the theatre.” – Hannah

The first A Quiet Place movies followed the Abbott family as they navigated life on their rural homestead, strictly following their established rules for survival. A Quiet Place: Day One goes back to when it all began, before anyone knew that silence meant safety. We will see the creatures as they first descend in one of the noisiest places in the world – New York City. 

A Quiet Place: Day One is now in theatres.