Top 20 Babysitter Horror Movies

The Babysitter (2017) was made for Netflix and a comedy horror marketed to young people.

Babysitter horror movies tend to overlap with kidnapping and home-invasion movies. But they’ve found their own special niche in horror because…

The Best 60s Horror Movies

The Devil Rides Out (1968) is a 1960s British horror classic about a devil worshipping cult who have their sights set on a beautiful woman.

The 1960s were a foundational decade for what would become the modern horror genre and Hollywood sci-fi films. Many of the…

The 25+ Most Iconic Horror Movie Scenes

Shelley Duvall revealed that she suffered from nervous exhaustion and hair loss while filming the iconic horror film The Shining (1980).

Horror cinema has led to many innovations in film history. Horror filmmakers from Alfred Hitchcock to Wes Craven have contributed more…

25+ Best Isolation Horror Movies

The Shining is perhaps the greatest and most critically acclaimed isolation movie.
Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980), a rendition of a Stephen King novel, is the perhaps the best isolation movie ever made.

Isolation movies are a simple and timeless storytelling method. Human vs. Evil. We see ourselves in the lonely protagonist as they…

The Most Interesting/Fun Horror Movie Facts

An image from a classic horror movie
Do you know how long this scene from The Shinning (1980) took to film? Read on for the most interesting horror movie facts.

The horror genre is perhaps the most popular movie type out there. Scary movies are universally loved and the true stories…