5 Horror Movies to Watch Over the Long Fourth of July Weekend

“I thought you said if we destroyed the brain, it’d die!” “It worked in the movie!”

Teen scream I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) is probably the most famous Fourth of July horror movie.

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Here are the movies that should be on your radar for the long Fourth of July weekend:

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997). Streaming on video on demand (rent or buy). The most well known Fourth of July horror movie is this 90s teen scream that takes place over consecutive Fourth of July celebrations in a small coastal town. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillipe are terrorized by a stranger in a fisherman’s slicker one year after the group decided to dump a body after a drunk driving accident.

The Bay (2012). Streaming on video on demand. A pretty scary found footage eco-horror movie that captures the pandemonium surrounding a deadly virus outbreak in a Chesapeake Bay town over the Fourth of July.

Jaws (1975). Streaming on Peacock. The quintessential “don’t go in the water” movie, Jaws is always worth a rewatch. Beachgoers in an east coast tourist town are terrorized by a man-eating great white shark. The town’s police chief, a marine biologist and a shark hunter head out into the ocean to slay the beast.

Return of the Living Dead (1985). Streaming on video on demand. Zombies terrorize a town over the Fourth of July holiday. A warehouse owner, his friends, and a group of teenage punks all try to make it through the holiday alive.

Uncle Sam (1996). Streaming on Tubi. A goofy 90s patriotic slasher with some light political commentary. The movie follows an all-American town where the corpse of a former Sergeant is returned to his family.