12 New Year’s Eve Horror Movies on Tubi in January 2024

The new year is here. As you make plans for 2024, celebrate this new beginning with a deep dive into Tubi’s collection of New Year’s Eve horror movies.

Terror Train (1980) is very clearly inspired by Halloween, but it’s different enough to stand on its own as a classic of the slasher subgenre.

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A new year means a whole new twelve months of horror. But before you dig into the new movies coming out in 2024, why not celebrate the new year with a few films from the past? New Year’s has never been the most popular holiday for horror filmmakers, but the deep catalog of Tubi includes a surprising number of horror movies that are set on or near New Year’s Eve. Enjoy! And here’s to another great year of exploring the depths of Tubi for the best and worst horror movies in existence!

New Year’s Eve Horror Movies on Tubi

1. Terror Train (1980)

Terror Train (1980)
The costume party in Terror Train is a New Year’s celebration which, of course, takes place aboard a train.

Why Watch It? Terror Train is a slasher classic, and it stars Jamie Lee Curtis early in her career while she was still on her initial scream queen peak. It’s also fun watching a slasher villain who changes their masks throughout the whole movie.

Official Description: Jamie Lee Curtis stars as a co-ed on a costume party train ride stalked by a fraternity pledge she helped haze, which put him in a mental asylum.

2. Terror Train 2 (2022)

Terror Train 2 (2022)
Terror Train 2 is a direct sequel to Terror Train (2022), not the original Terror Train from 1980.

Why Watch It? Terror Train 2 is campy, strange, and bloody. It makes some bizarre decisions with its characters and plot, making this a fun late night watch for b-movie aficionados.

Official Description: A group of survivors attend a New Year’s Eve redemption ride aboard the infamous train where they fight to survive a new kind of evil.

3. Killing Ground (2016)

Killing Ground (2016)
Killing Ground is set during the days around New Year’s Eve.

Why Watch It? Killing Ground is darker than a lot of the other movies on this list. It’s a survival horror movie a bit like Eden Lake (2008), though not quite as intense.

Official Description: An edge-of-seat thriller about a couple whose romantic camping trip becomes a fight for survival when they discover a terrifying crime scene.

4. Mary (2021)

Mary (2021)
Mary is inspired by the urban legend of “Bloody Mary.”

Why Watch It? Mary has a charming cast and some good dialogue throughout. It’s not terribly scary for a horror movie, but it has an interesting story.

Official Description: A group of friends takes a trip to bring in the new year, but an encounter with Bloody Mary brings on the loss of a friend and many strange events.

5. The Demon (2016)

The Demon (2016)
The Demon was co-directed by filmmaker Baasandorjiin Tsogt-Erdene, the same director of the pretty-good doll horror movie appropriately titled The Doll (2017).

Why Watch It? The Demon is a relatively rare Mongolian horror movie, so that alone makes it an interesting watch for fans of worldwide horror. Also, there are some good ideas in this low-budget supernatural chiller.

Official Description: One New Year’s Eve party takes a disturbing turn in this supernatural horror tale. A group of friends gather and celebrate at an abandoned building to live it up at the end of the year. However, as it turns out, the building has a demonic history haunting it.

6. Alien Party Crashers (aka Canaries, 2017)

Alien Party Crashers (2017)
The aliens in Alien Party Crashers certainly have a unique look.

Why Watch It? This is for fans of low-budget campiness. The comedy is hit or miss, there could be more blood, and the action is okay, but the movie can be fun at times.

Official Description: New Year’s Eve proves to be less of a party and more of a fight for survival for a group of friends battling against time travelling aliens.

7. The Eve (2015)

The Eve (2015)
The Eve is more of a thriller than a horror movie, so people who prefer tension over scares might want to give this a try.

Why Watch It? The Eve takes its time setting up its characters and relationships, and that helps the action in the later parts of the movie provide a bigger impact.

Official Description: As tensions rise during a New Year’s Eve celebration off Martha’s Vineyard, an unforeseen presence turns a friend’s holiday into a fight for survival.

8. Countdown (2012)

Countdown (2012)
The main cast, especially David Asavanond as a crazed drug dealer (pictured on the left), is quite good in Countdown.

Why Watch It? Countdown is for fans of hostage movies where a group of people are forced to endure the whims of a dangerous and erratic criminal.

Official Description: Three Thai teenagers planning an epic New Year’s Party in New York City have their lives go into a spiral when a drug dealer crashes their plans.

9. Minutes to Midnight (2018)

Minutes to Midnight (2018)
The killers in Minutes to Midnight look really good.

Why Watch It? Minutes to Midnight is a pulpy low-budget horror movie with some familiar faces including Bill Moseley, William Baldwin, Richard Grieco, John Hennigan. It’s a fun in a cheesy kind of way.

Official Description: Seven friends converge at a desolate ski lodge to ring in the new year and are systematically hunted down by ruthless masked men with a deadly agenda.

10. Steel Trap (2007)

Steel Trap (2007)
Steel Trap is a great example of mid-to-late 2000s straight-to-DVD horror.

Why Watch It? Steel Trap is trap-based slasher/survival movie made in the wake of better trap-based movies like Saw. If you like that kind of movie, and if you like the 2000’s aesthetic of horror, then Steel Trap will work for you.

Official Description: A New Year’s bash in an abandoned high-rise turns into a bloodbath when five guests receive a mysterious text invite to a VIP party on the 27th floor.

11. Time’s Up (2022)

Time's Up (2022)
The writer and director of Time’s Up, L.C. Holt, is also an actor. A couple of his roles include the killer in the lamb mask in You’re Next (2011) and The Phantom in Phantom Fun-World (2023).

Why Watch It? Time’s Up is a fairly standard low-budget, indie slasher with some nice gore effects scattered throughout.

Official Description: On New Year’s Eve, a teachers’ faculty party is interrupted by an unexpected guest with an unusual request: participate in a scavenger hunt or die.

12. Bloody New Year (1987)

Bloody New Year (1987)
Most of Bloody New Year doesn’t actually take place on New Year’s Eve, but to explain the title would ruin some of the movie’s ridiculous revelations.

Why Watch It? Bloody New Year is very strange. It takes some turns that will probably leave you shaking your head, and for that it is definitely worth watching.

Official Description: When five shipwrecked teenagers visit an island hotel, they are haunted by the ghosts of a 1960 New Year’s Eve party, who have twisted plans.

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