9 Best ‘New Year, New You’ Horror Movies on Netflix in January 2024

Hopefully your new year’s resolutions don’t take you down the dark path of personal transformation seen in these horror movies streaming in January 2024 on Netflix.

Nina’s “new you” transformation in Black Swan (2010) is an example you probably don’t want to follow for yourself in 2024.

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January is the time when many people make resolutions for the new year. A large percentage of new year’s resolutions involve personal improvement. “New year, new you” is a mantra repeated by countless people in January. In horror movies, a “new you” usually isn’t something to strive for. From split personalities to the uncovering of repressed memories, from monstrous transformations to devilish revelations, this list of Netflix recommendations is full of characters for whom personal change is a very, very bad thing. And if you’re looking for more New Year horror, check out our list of 12 New Year’s Eve horror movies currently streaming on Tubi!

The Best New Year, New You Movies on Netflix in January 2024

1. Silent Hill (2006)

Jodelle Ferland in Silent Hill (2006).
Jodelle Ferland plays Sharon and Alessa in Silent Hill.

Director: Christopher Gans | Runtime: 125 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Video Game Movies, Creepy Monsters, Curses

Silent Hill is on of the most visually stunning video-game adaptations ever. It also has a fittingly oppressive atmosphere that is a good representation of the nerve-racking games it is based on. The movie does take creative license with the story of the games it adapts, but it all works extremely well on film. The movie starts with a mother’s search for her adopted daughter Sharon in the cursed town of Silent Hill, and the search leads to disturbing revelations about Sharon’s identity.

2. Cam (2018)

Madeline Brewer stars in Cam.
The writer of Cam, Isa Mazzei, based the idea of the movie on her own experiences while working as a cam model. (pictured: Madeline Brewer)

Director: Daniel Goldhaber | Runtime: 94 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Internet Horror, Psychological Thrillers

Identity theft is bad enough, but Cam explores identity theft on a whole new level. Alice is a camgirl who does whatever she can to gain a large following. One day she discovers that someone has stolen her account… and her face. The person now streaming as Alice’s online persona is an exact duplicate of Alice, but she’s just an imposter. Isn’t she?

3. Look Away (2018)

India Eisley stars in Look Away (2018).
India Eisley stars in Look Away.

Director: Assaf Bernstein | Runtime: 103 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Split Personality Movies, Thrillers

When you look into a mirror, you’re supposed to see yourself. But what if the person looking back at you begins moving and speaking independently? Look Away is about a young woman, Maria, whose reflection is a more confident version of herself, but who is also taking over Maria’s life.

4. Black Swan (2010)

Natalie Portman in Black Swan (2010).
Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky considers Black Swan to be a companion piece with his earlier film The Wrestler (2008). (pictured: Natalie Portman in Black Swan)

Director: Darren Arnoofsky | Runtime: 108 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Psychological Horror, Movies About Performers

Nina is a ballet dancer who dreams about starring in the lead role if the New York City Ballet production of Swan Lake. Or is that her mother’s dream? As Nina pushes herself harder than ever, her mind and personality begin to fracture as she comes closer to embodying the dual roles of the innocent White Swan and the sinister Black Swan.

5. The Wolfman (2010)

Benicio del Toro stars as Lawrence Talbot aka The Wolfman.
Benicio del Toro stars as Lawrence Talbot, the eponymous Wolfman.

Director: Joe Johnston | Runtime: 102 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Werewolf Movies, Monsters, Remakes of Classics

Few things say “new year, new you” better than being bitten by a werewolf. However, being turned into a murderous beast isn’t an ideal way to transform your life, and this is a fact that Lawrence Talbot learns firsthand in this horror remake. Though The Wolfman doesn’t top the 1941 original, this updated version isn’t without merit. It has a strong cast, and the werewolf action is a lot of fun.

6. Eli (2019)

Charlie Shotwell in Eli (2019).
The director of Eli, Ciarán Foy, also directed Sinister 2 (2015). (pictured: Charlie Shotwell as Eli)

Director: Ciarán Foy | Runtime: 98 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Mysteries, Haunted Houses, Twists

Eli begins as one kind of movie before our perceptions shift, causing us to view the whole film in an entirely different way. The same can also be said for at least one of the characters in the movie, but to explain that any further would spoil the story. What we can say is that Eli begins as a movie about a boy with a rare illness who is taken to an experimental facility for treatment. There is something odd about the medical facility and the mansion it is housed in, and Eli seems to be at the center of everything.

7. Inhuman Kiss (2019)

Inhuman Kiss (2019)
Inhuman Kiss is inspired by the krasue, a spirit in Southeast Asian mythology.

Director: Sitisiri Mongkolsiri | Runtime: 121 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Thai Horror, Interesting Monsters, Love Triangles

Sai has a dilemma. She is reunited with a childhood friend Noi and falls in love with him, but there are multiple problems. For one, their mutual friend Jerd has a crush on Sai, and he isn’t taking Sai’s new feelings for Noi very well. Also, Sai is a literal monster. In a horrific version of “new year, new you,” one night Sai realizes she is a krasue when her head detaches from her body and flies around her village. To make matters even worse, Sai’s crush Noi is part of a monster hunting group intent on killing the krasue.

8. Insidious: The Red Door (2023)

Ty Simpkins as Dalton Lambert in Insidious The Red Door (2023).
Ty Simpkins reprises his role as Dalton Lambert who he previously played in Insidious (2010) and Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013).

Director: Patrick Wilson | Runtime: 107 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: The Insidious Franchise, Ghost Movies, Jump Scares

Sometimes becoming a new person involves dealing with your past. In Insidious: The Red Door, father and son Josh and Dalton Lambert both have memories intentionally repressed in an attempt to protect them from dangerous supernatural entities. But when the most important events in your life are hidden from you, are you really yourself? When Dalton goes away to college his past comes back to haunt him, forcing him to come to terms with his past, his father, and his demons in order to become the full version of himself

9. Run Rabbit Run (2023)

Sarah Snook stars in Run Rabbit Run.
Sarah Snook stars in Run Rabbit Run.

Director: Daina Reid | Runtime: 100 minutes

For viewers who enjoy: Possession Movies, Psychological Thrillers, Creepy Kids

Even if you’re not interested in making changes in your life, sometimes the people around you change so drastically that you can’t help but react. In Run Rabbit Run, Sarah’s young daughter Mia shows signs of having a new personality. Unnervingly, the personality Mia takes is that of Sarah’s younger sister Alice who went missing when Sarah and Alice were both very young. Is this a case of possession, or is something causing Mia’s change?

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