Editoral Guidelines

  • Avoid passive voice whenever possible.
  • Write for readers in 2022 and 2032. Avoid temporal references.
    • You’re writing a historical document about cinema, not a blog post.
  • Avoid academic terms unless you introduce their concepts in a clear and simple way.
  • Link to other Creepy Catalog articles in relevant areas.
  • Avoid first-person writing style; aim for instructional/informative voice.
  • Whenever possible, avoid spoilers in your movie and TV descriptions.
  • Always italicize movie titles and TV show titles.
  • We try to use AP style. Always use AP title case for title names. If in doubt, use this website.


  • Use <h3> for movie titles in list; unless explicitly directed otherwise.
  • Use <h2> for headers and when appropriate make your headers reflect search inquires; <h2> also creates the table of contents.
  • Image captions in the feature image should format the movie with the release year not hyperlinked.

Random Notes

  • Don’t lean on superlatives and do your best to avoid calling something “genius” or a “masterpiece” and instead explain why it works so well.