Indie Slasher ‘Deathwoods’ Featuring Felissa Rose and Jessa Flux Begins Funding on Indiegogo

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Deathwoods promises to be a gory and great time for slasher fans.

Oblivious campers in a darkened forest. A killer in a creepy mask stalking their way through the trees. Buckets of blood. These are the ingredients of a classic slasher movie. These are also the ingredients of the upcoming indie horror movie Deathwoods.

Deathwoods is currently in pre-production, and creator, producer, and co-writer Scott Conner plans to shoot the film beginning in July of 2024. As part of the production process, an Indiegogo campaign was launched on February 23rd, 2024. The campaign describes the movie as a “grindhouse style slasher film, reminiscent of the classics we grew up with and love but set in the modern age.” Check out the teaser below to get a feel for what the finished movie will be like.

A slightly longer teaser was released about a week prior to the launch of the Indiegogo campaign. The earlier teaser shows a lot more gore, and you can watch it towards the bottom of this article.

The cast might be the most exiting aspect of the Deathwoods announcement. Horror icon Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) will appear in the movie, as will one of Creepy Catalog’s top scream queens of 2023, Jessa Flux (Murdercise). Up-and-coming scream queens Celeste Blandon (Phantom Fun-World) and Anna Clary (Late Checkout) round out the impressive mix of established and burgeoning scream queens in Deathwoods.

The cast also includes L.C. Holt (You’re Next), Miles Dimitri Baker (guitarist for the band Interloper and touring guitarist for Ice Nine Kills), Brandon Hill (Phantom Fun-World), Daniel Kearney (Late Checkout), Kyle Shute (XXX-mas), and MacKenzie Lee.

Jessa Flux in the teaser for Deathwoods.
In addition to Deathwoods, Jessa Flux (pictured here in the Deathwoods teaser) has a packed slate of independent genre movies going into production in 2024, including Only Fangs, the next film from A & P Productions, the team that made Murdercise.

Behind the camera is a group of filmmakers well-versed in independent horror including co-writer and co-director Jake Kopronica, co-director and special effects creator Deryk Wehrley, executive producer P.J. Starks, cinematgrapher and producer Jaren Lewis, sound designer Alberto Garcia, and gaffer Tyler Horner.

The Indiegogo campaign for Deathwoods also allows you to be a part of the production process in various ways. Perks include executive producer and associate producer credits, the chance to be an on-set PA for a day, and chances to be an extra or a dead body in the movie. Other perks include some unique and awesome signed memorabilia, the movie on physical media, cast and crew autographs, and more. It is definitely worth checking out for fans of slashers, indie horror, and those who just want to support independent cinema.

If you want to contribute to the production, follow the link here: Deathwoods on Indiegogo

This could be considered the “red band” teaser for Indiegogo, because it contains shots of explicit gore that are absent from the Indiegogo teaser.

20 years ago, a tragic event left a small Tennessee town in shock. Legends about that night and the horrific truth haunt the town and its surrounding area to this very day. Ignoring the local legends, a group of friends embark on a on a camping trip to those woods. One by one, they’re torn to pieces as they’re forced to face the ghosts of the past.

Deathwoods synopsis quoted from the Indiegogo page

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