‘Lumina’ Trailer Reaction: A Terrifying Sci-Fi Conspiracy Thriller with Heart

Lumina promises sci-fi thrills, action-horror, and a story built around an emotional journey.

Lumina releases in theaters on July 12th, 2024.

There is an art to creating a good movie trailer that entices an audience without giving too much away. The trailer for Lumina—a new science-fiction conspiracy thriller headed to theaters July 12th—hits that intriguing sweet spot perfectly. Take a look:

This first trailer shows us romance, action, sci-fi thrills, and even a monster (possibly an alien?). Will Lumina focus more on the love story, or will it be more action-forward? There will be moments of terror, but how scary will it be? Everything is very mysterious, which is exactly what you want in a good teaser.

Looking at the official LUMINA web site reveals that the story is about a group of friends who go on a journey to find their missing friend. To be more specific, a man named Alex is helped by his friends as he searches for his girlfriend Tatiana after she mysteriously disappears in a flash of light. Their search leads them towards a dangerous conspiracy involving military secrets and extraterrestrial threats, and what they eventually uncover “will change their lives forever.” The second trailer, seen below, gives us a taste of what Alex and his friends encounter.

The scope of Lumina looks quite ambitious for an independent film. Even just the few clips we’ve been shown so far have remarkable production values. If the story can match the look, Lumina has the potential to be something special. The premise is intriguing, the trailers are visually impressive, and the idea of a conspiracy thriller with a love story at its heart is immensely compelling.

Lumina is being brought to us by Goldove Entertainment. Goldove’s web site indicates that they have ten feature film projects currently in development, and Lumina will be the first released. Lumina is written and directed by Gino McKoy, who is also a producer and is involved in creating the music for the film. Lumina will be McKoy’s first feature as a director, though he previously directed the music video for his song “Sensy Girl.”

Starring in Lumina as Alex is Rupert Lazarus, and playing Alex’s lost love Tatiana is Eleanor Williams. Joining Alex on his journey are his friends Delilah (played by Andrea Tivadar), Patricia (Sidney Nicole Rogers), and George (Ken Lawson). Rounding out the main cast are Emily Hall as the enigmatic Chere, and the great Eric Roberts as Thom.

Lumina is in theaters beginning July 12, 2024. You can read more and buy tickets when they are available at: lumina.film

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