‘Piglet’ Steps Out of Pooh’s Shadow in Upcoming Indie Slasher, Crowdfunding Now!

Piglet intends to set itself apart from the current wave of public-domain horror movies.

Help support indie horror by checking out the Indiegogo campaign for Piglet today!

Ever since A. A. Milne’s novel Winnie-the-Pooh entered the public domain in 2022, Pooh Bear has been hogging the spotlight. Numerous indie horror flicks built around twisted versions of Winnie-the-Pooh have been made and announced over the past two years. But soon, Piglet will take the spotlight for himself when he stars in the upcoming slasher movie Piglet, and you can help bring the film to life.

Piglet is funding now on Indiegogo. As described on the Indiegogo campaign page, Piglet is set deep in the Appalachian hills where Piglet, the son of a butcher, finds his beloved pig killed by trespassers on his land. Intent on vengeance, Piglet slaughters the perpetrators one by one. From that synopsis, and from the movie’s description by its director as an “homage to classic slashers,” it sounds like Piglet could have a lot in common with Slaughterhouse (1987), which would be amazing!

Celeste Blandon in Phantom Fun-World (2023).
Celeste Blandon (seen here in Phantom Fun-World) was the first cast member announced on Piglet‘s Instagram profile.

Piglet comes to us from director August Aguilar of Strange Film Studios. Aguilar’s most recent films include The Gifted (2024) and He Comes to Kill (2022), both of which are currently streaming on Tubi. Aguilar is directing from a script written by Kelly M. Hudson of Spookhouse MediaWorks. And, excitingly, the film’s score and theme song will be written by horror-punk musician Dr. Chud (best known for his time as the drummer for The Misfits from 1995-2000)!

Brian Bremer as Bunt in Pumpkinhead (1988).
Pumpkinhead (1988) is Brian Bremer’s first credited film role.

The cast of Piglet is features up-and-coming scream queen Celeste Blandon who previously starred in Phantom Fun-World (2023), and who has a full slate of movies coming soon including the deep-woods slasher Deathwoods. Also featured is Brian Bremer whom horror fans might know best from his roles as Bunt in Pumpkinhead (1988) and Petrie in Society (1989).

Additional cast and crew announcements, an well as a more in-depth look at the the movie, can be found on the Indiegogo page for Piglet. Check out their list of perks including the movie on physical media, various movie credits, a signed poster, a novelization of Piglet, and even the chance to have your face seen in the movie!

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