‘Saw XI’ Announced on Instagram, Releasing in 2024

The official Saw account on Instagram teased the next entry in the long-running franchise.

Will John Kramer return for Saw XI?

On the evening of December 11, 2023, the official Saw account on Instagram posted a fun teaser for the next installment of the franchise. In an Instagram story that consisted of eleven images, we were shown the potential release date for Saw XI. The slides of the story count up in Roman numerals from one to ten, then the eleventh slide shows a date of September 27, 2024 in Roman numerals with the “XI” in the year colored red. Also written is “the game continues.”

So there you have it. From the official Saw Instagram account, Saw XI is happening, and it will be released in September of 2024! Obviously this is exciting news for fans, especially considering how well-received Saw X was when it was released earlier in 2023.

Of course no story details have been announced as of this writing, but with the positive reaction to Saw X, plus the fact that the next movie is apparently going to be titled Saw XI, the next movie will likely stick close to what made the latest entry in the franchise so appealing. To speculate, that probably means we’ll be treated to another story involving John Kramer and his associates. Will Amanda Young return? Mark Hoffman? Could we see the return of Dr. Gordon?

Also of supreme importance will be the reveal of when along the timeline Saw XI will take place. Saw X happened between Saw (2004) and Saw II (2005). Could Saw XI simply follow Saw X and be another interquel (a sequel happening between two previously released movies in a series) between parts one and two, or will it happen somewhere else in the continuity? The Saw franchise enjoys telling non-linear stories, so it’s anyone’s guess at this point. Rest assured that we will keep watching and reporting on any new information (and we’ll probably have a lot of speculation ourselves).

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