Netflix Released A New Horror Thriller, And It’s Already At 96% On Rotten Tomatoes

If you don’t ask too many questions, you could consider this the sequel to Gone Girl.

Hey Creepy Catalog,

I’m going to change up this newsletter a bit because I hear from our readers that since most people only have Netflix , so those horror movie recommendations are the most helpful. Here’s three great horror movies that are currently streaming on Netflix, and a few recs that are streaming everywhere else on the internet:

Good Horror on Netflix:

The Block Island Sound. This indie horror movie appeared on the service yesterday. It follow the community of Block Island, RI as they prepare for the storm of the century. It’s the kind of movie that’s best to go in blind, so I’ll just add that it has gotten great reviews and is currently at 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Vatican Tapes. This movie is about a an American woman, Angela Holmes, who is possessed by a demonic entity and the Vatican priests who try to save her. It’s not your typical demonic horror movie. This one goes harder than most and the ending is pretty unique in this subgenre.

I Care A Lot. This is not a horror movie! But it is such a good black comedy that I feel certain almost all horror fans are going to love it! Rosamund Pike stars as a scammer who has created an elaborate ruse of faking dementia in elderly people in order to get herself appointed as their legal guardian and steal their money. If you don’t ask too many questions, you could consider this the sequel to Gone Girl.

Other Good Horror:

  • If you loved The Block Island Sound, another excellent story about an isolated community preparing for a Nor’easter is Storm of the Century, a miniseries based on the Stephen King novel you can find on YouTube. Block Island Sound also has big The Mist vibes, which is streaming on Netflix.
  • Over on Hulu, Triggered (2020) looks pretty unhinged. It follows a group of friends on a camping weekend who get put into a twisted real life prisoner’s dilema when an unexpected visitor shows up at camp.
  • The horror movie I’m watching this weekend is Green Room (2015) which has gotten awesome reviews from fellow horror fans and is streaming on Showtime or with rental on Amazon.

This Week’s Horror Happenings:

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from this compilation of true scary stories:

“When I was in 3rd grade, I was home alone with my quadriplegic grandma from after school until my mom came home. One day the phone rings, and I answer it and an unfamiliar man’s voice says hey, did you just get home from school? I say yeah, who is this? Instead of answering me he started asking things like do you ever touch yourself? Do you like to look at girls? Being in 3rd grade of course I was like nope! and hung up pretty quick. I told my parents but nothing ever came of it. I still wonder to this day who it was, how they knew my name, and my whereabouts. This was back on a corded landline with no caller ID either.”

Happy streaming and stay spooky! 👻


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