Time For A ‘Scream’ Binge

Hey guys, gals, and ghouls,

Welcome to a super spooky Halloween edition of our weekly watch guide! I hope everyone is in the Halloween spirit. Please enjoy some extra servings of horror movie recommendations this week and enjoy a safe and responsible Halloween weekend! It’s a full moon so it’s going to be extra creepy out there. Here’s what’s streaming this weekend:

Best of Netflix:

Cadaver — In a bleak dystopian future one family is offered a meal for attending a play. They agree and take part in a performance along with other masked audience members. Eventually, they begin to worry that not everything happening around them is fiction.

Other horror movies on Netflix we recommend:

Dark Skies — A home invasion/alien movie combo.

Session 9 — Super scary suspense movie about a construction crew cleaning out an old abandoned insane asylum.

The Silence — A Quiet Place-like movie about a near future where the slightest noise attracts predators.

Best of Hulu

Scream — It’s the perfect weekend to rewatch the best slasher murder mystery movie in all of horror. The entire series is streaming on Hulu so you can watch all four Scream movies in a wonderful Halloween marathon.

If you’re watching for the second time or the 200th time, check out our list of easter eggs hidden in Scream and renew your appreciation for cinematic perfection.

Other horror movies on Hulu we recommend:

It Follows — One of the few truly original modern horror movies.

Pet Sematary — Last year’s remake of the Stephen King classic.

Double Double Toil and Trouble — Iconic Mary Kate and Ashley movie from the 90’s that is an awesome introduction to all things spooky for little ones. (Or, something you can make a fun virtual drinking game for with your 90’s kid friends).

Best of Amazon

I must reserve my Halloween weekend recommendation for something worthy of its position so I’m recommending my all time favorite horror movie The Shining followed up by its very good sequel Doctor Sleep. You’ll have to pay rental prices for these as they aren’t included in Prime this month, but they’re well worth it and you’d be hard pressed to find another Halloween activity to do that will take up an entire evening and cost less than $10.

Here’s the trailers. The Shining:

And Doctor Sleep:

If you’re dead set on streaming something that’s free on Prime, here are some great options:

House of the Devil — A babysitter takes on a weird last minute client.

Hereditary — The horror movie most loved by horror fans.

The Mothman Prophecies — Super creepy flick on the real Mothman phenomena. Great for horror fans who love suspense more than gore.

This week’s Horror Happenings:

We’re loving the Jennifer’s Body renaissance!

— A24 released a candle that smells like “horror movies”

— I compiled a master list of everything shady about Chris Watts’ mistress Nichol Kessinger.

— It turns out horror movies are saving the day during the pandemic.

— Drew Barrymore released a short clip about what life would be like for her Scream character, Casey Becker, if she had survived the series.

— The Hocus Pocus sequel is officially happening.

— Reminder that Creep and Creep 2 are both streaming on Netflix.

How 2020 started vs. how it’s going.

Happy Halloween everyone!!! 🎃

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