The Creepiest ‘Prank Gone Wrong’ Horror Movies Streaming This Weekend

A group of friends spend the April Fool’s Day weekend at a friend’s mansion on a remote island, and then begin to disappear one by one in classic 80’s slasher movie style.


Hey Creepy Catalogers,

It’s April Fools Day and Easter weekend so I tried to find some fun ‘prank gone wrong’ horror movies that are streaming this weekend. There’s nothing quit like an innocent prank having deadly consequences to start a horror movie off on the wrong foot. Sometimes, the prank isn’t even revealed until the end of the movie, which makes it even sicker. On this week’s list, Nesting Dolls, Carrie, and Joy Ride deal with watching the fallout from a prank gone wrong while (skip to the next section if you don’t want to be ***spoiled*** about any movies in this list) The Lie and April Fool’s Day reveal at the end that what we thought was true from the beginning was always part of a morbid joke. Here’s the best April Fool’s Day themed horror content streaming around the internet this weekend:

Best of Netflix:

Prank Encounters. If you’re a horror fan who loves shows like Impractical Jokers and Ashton Kutcher’s heyday on Punked, you will like this show. There are two seasons of one-off episodes featuring a horror movie-like pranks played on unsuspecting victims. It’s like any other prank show, but creepy and hosted by Dustin Henderson from Stranger Things.

.Best of IMDB:

Resurrection (1999). Streaming on the IMDB app. This is an Easter-themed horror thriller for everyone like me who is obsessed with detective stories. Two police officers in Chicago work a case investigating a serial killer who takes body parts from his victims. The cops begin to theorize that the killer is trying to construct the “body of Christ” in time for Easter.

Best of Everywhere Else:

April Fool’s Day (1986). Streaming on Prime. A horror movie about a group of friends who spend the April Fool’s Day weekend at a rich friend’s mansion on an island and then disappear one by one in classic 80’s slasher movie style.

Nesting Dolls (2020). Streaming on Prime. This is one of my favorite movies from 2020 and is a perfect themed watch for this weekend. The story is about three sorority sisters who plan to spend time at one of their family cabins to bond. Unfortunately early in the weekend a prank goes wrong and the rest of the movie deals with an increasingly awful situation and how the girls decide to move forward. It’s pretty gritty.

The Lie (2020). Streaming on Prime. This is the worst prank gone wrong horror movie of all time. I was so enraged at the end of this movie and I still can’t tell if it’s an effective use of horror or a just a really good troll.

Carrie (1976). Streaming on Showtime. A prank gone wrong CLASSIC. If you hate April Fool’s Day you can always watch Carrie and live vicariously through her as she punishes everyone who laughed at her for the pig’s blood prank. I hear it’s pretty satisfying after a breakup too.

Other joke-gone-wrong movies streaming this weekend (some for a rental fee): Joy Ride (2001), The Burning (1981), Slaughter High (1987) and I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006).

This week’s Horror Happenings:

Happy streaming and stay spooky!


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