We’re All Afraid Of ‘Them’

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

April has a lot of new horror releases on our fav streaming platforms. Here’s the best of horror available for streaming this weekend:

Best of Netflix:

What Lies Below (2020). A new on Netflix sci-fi horror movie about a teenage girl whose mother has a strange new boyfriend. The trio spend time at mother and daughter’s lake house, where the boyfriend claims he has a job studying freshwater species. The movie doesn’t have very good reviews. It’s not “smart” horror, however, if you just want a scary cabin in the woods movie where bad things happen to pretty people, it will hit the spot.

The Serpent. A British true crime series about the French serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who spent the 1970s preying on Western backpackers on South Asia’s “hippie trail”. Sobhraj was known as “The Bikini Killer” and “The Serpent”. The series shows his flamboyant lifestyle stealing the identity of his victims and making money trading stolen gems.

The Darkness (2016). A Kevin Bacon led supernatural horror movie about a family who vacations at the Grand Canyon. On the trip, his son finds a rock in a cave and brings it home, unaware of the Anasazi that the cave rocks are actually demons in disguise. Life at home with a demon soon becomes challenging!

Best of everywhere else:

Unexpected Killer. Streaming on Hulu. I found this show randomly on Hulu and after watching the first episode I binged both seasons that are on the service. Each episode is a one-off story about a murder where the identity of the killer is later revealed as a twist ending. This is a really great true crime show.

Them. Streaming on Amazon Prime. This is a big premiere for Prime. Executive produced by Lena Waithe, Them is about a black family in 1953 who move from their home in North Carolina to an all white Los Angeles neighborhood where they are preyed on by real life and supernatural evil.

Best links of the week:

Happy streaming and Stay Spooky!

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