What’s Halloween without a spooky dare based on an urban legend? Tony Todd’s portrayal of the hook-handed killer in Candyman entered the character into urban legend status, making people around the world nervous to say his name five times in front of a mirror.

Disney Channel Original Movies (or DCOM for those in the know) around the year 2000 were wonderous. Charmingly goofy, Halloweentown is sure to give you that nostalgic feeling of being a kid on Halloween… even if you’ve never seen it before.

Halloween can be a dark and weird holiday, and few movies exemplify dark and weird better than Donnie Darko. Also, the costumes, from Frank the rabbit to Donnie’s grey-hoodie-skeleton outfit, are great for any reality-breaking Halloween night.

Scary clowns and Halloween are inseparable. Art the Clown in Terrifier is perhaps the scariest of all Halloween clowns, violently murdering people in this extremely gory slasher movie set on October 31st.

Ti West, writer and director of X, knows how to create the perfect balance between smart and trashy in a horror movie. X is a slasher movie set in Texas in 1979 about a group of young filmmakers making a porn movie in the guest house of a remote farmhouse. It’s very bloody and violent, but it also has heart and pathos. X really is brilliant horror filmmaking.