One of the Most Memorable ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Segments of All Time (Updated)

When Rob heard his girlfriend screaming, he was only seven blocks away.

Angela Hammond’s abduction was a memorable episode of Unsolved Mysteries. New evidence suggests it might be a case of mistaken identity.

In 1991, 20-year-old Angela Hammond lived in the small town of Clinton, MO. At the beginning of the year, Angela discovered she was pregnant and her boyfriend, Rob Shafer, proposed. The relationship was happy. Both of the couple’s families were excited about their future together. Shafer planned to join the military

On Thursday, April 4, 1991, Angela spent the day with Rob and her mother. At 9pm, Angela dropped Rob off so he could babysit his little brother. She promised to call him later that night. Angela then spent time with a female friend until 11:15pm. After the friends separated, Angela went to a payphone to call Rob because she did not have a home phone and wanted to say goodnight. They talked for half an hour.

Angela Hammond.

At 11:45pm, Angela told Rob she was getting frightened because she noticed a green Ford F150 pickup truck circling around her. While they were talking, a man got out of the truck and walked to the adjacent payphone booth to Angela. The man went back to his truck and returned with a flashlight. Angela asked him if he needed to use the phone.

It was then that Rob heard his girlfriend scream. He threw his phone down and raced to the payphone he knew Angela was using. It was only 7 blocks away.

As he rushed to the payphone, Rob passed a truck. He saw a woman fighting with the male driver and heard Angela scream “Robbie”. He turned his vehicle around and followed the truck but two miles later his car broke down and he lost sight of Angela and the green truck. Rob was able to hitchhike to the police station. He arrived shortly after midnight and reported the crime.

A recreation of Angela’s abduction aired as part of an early episode of Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack. Angela’s story starts at the 30:30 mark:

Police examined Rob’s car and confirmed it was broken down. Angela’s car was found near the payphone she used. Her purse was inside.

Rob was initially considered a suspect. However, Rob volunteered to take a polygraph test and passed. He is no longer considered a suspect.

The small town of Clinton came together to search for Angela, but no new leads were found. The pickup truck Angela described to Rob was very specific: an older green f150 with a fish/lake scene on the back window. Police looked into 1600 trucks that fit this description without finding any suspects.

In 2023, local police released more information on their Facebook page about the investigation into Angela’s disappearance. They stated their theory is that the abduction was a case of mistaken identity and the actual target was the daughter of a police informant. The evidence for this theory is a letter that was sent to the police informant in question and postmarked on the date of Angela’s kidnapping as well as the informant’s daughter bearing a physical resemblance to Angela. The letter read: “Hello no (redacted). We know you you are no [redacted] people like you deserve what you get. We know where your foxy daughter is at [sic] she will see us soon. Tell [redacted] she has our deepest sympathy in our further loss. Good by [sic] [redacted].”

This letter was sent to a police informant, postmarked on the date of the kidnapping and is believed to be evidence that Angela Hammond was abducted due to someone mistaking her for the police informant’s daughter.

To this day, Angela Hammond has not been seen or heard from. No arrests were ever made in her case.

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