Jane Levy Hints at the Possibility of ‘Don’t Breathe 3’

Jane Levy and Fede Alvarez could both return for a new installment of the Don’t Breathe series.

Could we see the return of Jane Levy as Rocky in a new Don’t Breathe sequel?

While remaining very vague and noncommittal about anything concrete, Jane Levy recently stated that she “might” have spoken with Fede Alvarez about the “possibility” of a new Don’t Breathe movie.

Jane Levy as Rocky in Don't Breathe (2016).
Don’t Breathe (2016) contains some expertly crafted tension and terror.

The possibly exciting “news” came during Jane Levy’s participation in a “Queens of Scream” panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend on May18th, 2024. Also in the panel were Marley Shelton, Cerina Vincent, Jordan Ladd, and Dee Wallace. When the subject of Jane Levy’s role in Don’t Breathe came up, she said that she’d had dinner with Fede Alvarez a few weeks ago, and they might have talked about a sequel. Of course, this is not an official announcement of anything—it’s essentially just a rumor that might never come to fruition—but coming from Jane Levy herself qualifies it for some level of excitement.

Jane Levy also appeared to be interested in returning to the Evil Dead franchise if the opportunity were to ever present itself. This willingness to return comes in spite of the franchise containing the toughest scene she’s done for a horror film. When asked about her most grueling scene to shoot, she referenced her role as Mia in Evil Dead (2013). There is a scene in the movie where her head is covered with a plastic bag while she is buried, but she actually spoke more about a scene in which she was completely buried in a box so that her costar could have someone to act with, despite the fact that Mia isn’t seen in any of those particular shots.

Jane Levy and Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe (2016)
Jane Levy enjoys being a Scream Queen. (Jane Levy pictured here with Stephen Lang in the background)

Towards the end of the panel, Jane Levy expressed joy and gratitude about how welcoming the horror community has been since her foray into the genre began more than a decade ago. She, along with the rest of the “Queens of Scream” panel, enthused about being dubbed Scream Queens.

So will we see Don’t Breathe 3? Who knows. We certainly don’t know, but the hope is now out there.

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