Dark, Wicked, And Social Distancing

What’s up Creepy Catalog?

Greetings from my horror movie den where I am trying to ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder by watching summer-themed horror movies. I’m trying to remind myself that it being dark outside all the time now is actually a good thing, because that means it’s always the right time of day for something scary. I’ll let you know if it works.

If you want to join me in looking on the bright side by looking on the dark side, here’s the best horror I’ve found on streaming platforms for this weekend:

Best of Netflix:

Supernatural. The final season of Supernatural has been added to Netflix which means that today, Day 1,756 of social distancing, you can watch 15 straight seasons of a show about two hot guys driving around and solving mysteries. Say no more, this is how I plan to spend my entire weekend.

Best of Hulu:

Down. This is one of Hulu’s original movies from their Into the Dark series. It’s about an office worker and a maintenance man who get stuck in an elevator at the beginning of a long weekend. At first the horror is just that no one will know they are stuck until they return to work the following Monday, but then things get worse.

Best of Prime:

The Dark and the Wicked. This is the latest movie from the director of The Strangers and The Strangers: Prey at Night and it looks SO GOOD. This is what I will be watching on Friday night during peak spooking hours. The premise is two people visiting a desolate farm house as they say goodbye to their dying father. This one’s not included with Prime, so you’ll have to fork over $7 to rent it.

This week’s Horror Happenings:

The original cast of Scream is reuniting this weekend.

— We made a list of horror movie starring famous celebrities.

— Rob Zombie talked about being told House of 1000 Corpses was “unreleasable”.

— I talked about the creepiest part of Midsommar that most people missed… and it’s a doozy.

— Whose kid did this?

— Chris Watts’ parents tried to collect the $450k in insurance money resulting from their son murdering his entire family.

HBO passed on a second season of The Outsider.

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Stay Spooky!!!

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