A Gravy Train of Thanksgiving Horror Movies

Carve out some time for these.

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

I’m getting intense flashbacks to March 2019 and the beginning of the pandemic because Tiger King Season 2 just dropped on Netflix. This 5-episode season will explore whether Carole Baskin killed her husband and catch us up on the other cast of characters. Also streaming this weekend are some of the best Thanksgiving horror movies:

Kristy (2014). Streaming on Prime and the IMDB app. It is my favorite thanksgiving horror movie about a woman who stays behind over the holiday break at her college. She enjoys the deserted campus until a chance meeting with a stranger who decides to target her in a sick game of cat and mouse.

Pilgrim (2019). Streaming on Hulu. A creepy slow burn Thanksgiving horror movie about a deranged pilgrim reenactor who is invited to one family’s dinner.

Addams Family Values (1993). Streaming on Netflix. This is the Addams Family movie where Wednesday goes to summer camp and delivers her iconic “We cannot break bread with you” speech before setting the camp on fire. Also Joan Cusack joins the cast as a serial killer. It’s a timeless PG-13 classic!

This week in horror:

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Happy streaming and stay spooky!!