A Gruesome New Murder Mystery Was Just Added to Netflix

Catherine is unaware the previous owners died by murder-suicide in the home.

I have a fun treat for you guys this week. Netflix dropped a gruesome new thriller that’s based on a real life axe murder in rural New York. You can do one of my favorite comfort activities which is reading about the real life murder while watching the fictionalized version of that murder on TV. There’s even been a huge break in the case since the book and script for the movie were written for you to catch up on.

That movie is Things Heard & Seen, streaming on Netflix. Based on the novel All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage this murder mystery stars Amanda Seyfried as Catherine Clare, a woman who is axe-murdered in 1979. In a flashback to a year before the murder, Catherine and her husband George (played by James Norton) purchase their dream home in small-town New York and move from the city with their daughter Franny. Catherine is unaware the previous owners died by murder-suicide in the home. George teaches at a local college, and Catherine fixes up their new home. She hires the orphaned boys of the home’s previous owners to help her, though George suspects they resent the couple for buying their childhood home.

This looks pretty good:

Make a guess about who you think the axe murderer is going to be in our weekend open thread.

As a good elder millennial I dutifully tried my best to get into the Bret Easton Ellis written Smiley Face Killers horror movie which was added to Prime this month, but I struggled. If you’re an American Psycho fan (or a fan of Ellis’ most high-brow work: the Lindsay Lohan/James Deen erotic thriller The Canyons) you should queue it up and make our own decision.

Is The Handmaid’s Tale horror? It’s scary enough, but there’s very little gore. Season 4 premiered earlier this week on Hulu. For more creepy factor you can read about lead actress Elisabeth Moss’ sci-fi cult, Scientology, and their “Operation Snow White” where they tried to steal unfavorable files about themselves from the government. As part of investigating the operation, the FBI also uncovered Scientology’s “Operation Freakout” which was a plot to get a journalist they didn’t like committed to a psychiatric hospital. Fun fact: there are 5,000 government officials around the world confirmed to be in with Scientology.

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Happy streaming and stay spooky!


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