Our Top Horror Picks From 2021 (And Where To Stream Them)

It’s the perfect time to catch up on the best horror movies and shows from 2021.

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

It’s the perfect time to catch up on the best horror movies and shows from 2021. Here are our favs from the past year and where they are streaming this weekend:

Titane. Available to rent on Amazon. Part body horror, part crime thriller, part family drama, this film is toping most horror fans “best of 2021” lists. TitaneĀ is a film about Alexia, a woman who had a titanium plate implanted in her skull as a child after a car accident involving her father. She grew up to be a troubled woman who has issues connecting with people, especially her parents.

Midnight Mass. Streaming on Netflix. This miniseries from the creator of The Haunting of Hill House Netflix series, Mike Flanagan, was my personal favorite horror of the year. While it starts slow, Midnight Mass evokes memories of the very best Stephen King miniseries like Salem’s Lot and Storm of the Century.

The Power. Streaming on Shudder. I absolutely LOVED this period horror film about a trainee nurse working in a nearly empty London hospital during a power outage caused by a local miner’s strike. It’s a normal suspenseful horror movie but without giving too much away it also touches on trauma and abuse in a realistic, smart and compelling way.

More best of 2021 horror movies you can stream this weekend:

  • Seance, a surprisingly fresh seance-at-a-creepy-boarding-school movie, is on Shudder.
  • The Fear Street Trilogy is a super fun take on 90s horror, available on Netflix.
  • The Last Matinee, a Spanish language slasher film, is streaming on Showtime.
  • Candyman, Nia DaCosta’s spiritual sequel to the iconic 1992 horror movie, is available to rent on Amazon.
  • The new (and awesome) Creepshow series is streaming on Shudder.
  • We Need to Do Something, a zany arthouse end-of-the-world horror movie, is available to rent on Amazon.
  • Spiral, the newest installment of the Saw franchise, is streaming on Starz.
  • Censor, a suspenseful horror movie about a film censor, is available to rent on Amazon.
  • The latest from M. Night Shyamalan, Old, is available to rent on Amazon.
  • Brand New Cherry Flavor is a Netflix series about 1990s Hollywood.
  • The new Chucky series on Peacock is also great.
  • Till Death, basically Gerald’s Game but starring Megan Fox, is on Netflix.
  • The extended cut of Halloween Kills is pretty much only available for purchase right now.
  • Last Night in Soho is still in theaters.

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Happy streaming and stay spooky!