The Best Horror To Binge This Weekend (10/16)

Hey everyone,

Happy spooky weekend! Halloween is approaching and streaming services have rewarded us with plenty of horror content. We’ve been busy on Creepy Catalog making scary story collections and catching up on true crime. You can bookmark our creep feed here. Here’s what you should be streaming over the weekend:

Best of Netflix:

#Alive — What would you do if your balcony overlooked the end of the world? This Korean horror movie is about a man trying to survive a zombie pandemic from his apartment building. You might be thankful for your own cozy quarantine when you watch this movie and realize at least Coronavirus isn’t creating fast-moving zombies. If you’re extra ambitious, you should definitely check out Taissa Farminga in the Shirley Jackson adaptation We Have Always Lived In The Castle and I’m also really into House of the Witch, a fun teen slasher movie with a nice dark vibe.

Best of Hulu:

The Purge (TV series) — If you haven’t seen USA network’s Purge series you are missing out. Both seasons of the television adaptation of the Purge movie franchise are streaming on Hulu. While the production value is a little lacking, the show is super interesting and fun. Anyone who likes the Purge movies can have a fun weekend binging this whole show.

Also, if you haven’t seen The Lodge or American Horror Story’s 1984 season yet, they’re some of my fav horror from the last few years. Both are streaming on Hulu!

Best of Prime:

He’s Out There — This is kind of just a spookier version of The Lodge. It’s the same setting: a woman alone with two children at an isolated cabin. This time the terror is less supernatural and more good old-fashioned guy with an axe. I put this one on randomly without knowing anything about it and loved the tension and scares. From Prime I also recommend a Halloween classic Fright Night or the gritty Eight Millimeter.

This week’s Horror Happenings:

— I talked about why it’s so important that Sidney Prescott gets killed off in Scream 5.

— Shanann Watt’s brother wants you to watch American Murder: The Family Next Door.

— I have some terrible news for you. Not only is this Halloween falling on a Saturday AND on a full moon, but it’s also daylight savings time. If it wasn’t for Covid we’d all have an extra hour at the club/haunting our local cemetery. We’ll just have to get through this together.

— I loved this essay over on Bloody Disgusting: “The Joys of Irresponsible Parenting: How ‘Halloween’ Helped Create a Horror Bond With My Son”

Dexter is coming back.

The Simpsons will air their annual Treehouse of Horror episode this Sunday at 8 eastern.

— We found 22 True Paranormal Stories That Will Get You Excited For Halloween

— Our Halloween Shop is still open. Get it while it’s creepy!

Stay spooky tee

If you stumble across a hidden gem of horror, share it with us @creepycatalog and maybe we’ll include it in the future. Check your email next week for another XL Halloween month edition of our watch guide. Until then, stay spooky!

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