Top Secrets UFO Projects: Declassified

This might be part of the government “aliens exist” rollout.

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

Since last week a bunch of new horror movies have been added to Netflix for August. Here’s what I’m streaming this weekend:

Top Secrets UFO Projects: Declassified. Streaming on Netflix. Tom DeLonge (yes, from Blink-182 please keep up) says that the U.S. government is easing the public into awareness of the confirmed existence of UFOs and this Netflix show is part of the rollout. So yes, I will be watching this and scaring the crap out of myself.

Aftermath. streaming on Netflix. “Inspired by true events” a young couple find themselves in a horror movie cliche when they buy a dream home for an unreasonably cheap price.

Pray Away. Streaming on Netflix. Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum executive produced this documentary about the “ex-gay movement” and conversion therapy. This is the kind of true crime content I LIVE for.

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Happy streaming and stay spooky!!!