Would You Take a Designer Drug That Induces Time Travel? I Would!

In ‘Synchronic’ on Netflix, a drug allows users to time travel, but at a substantial cost.

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

This week on Creepy Catalog we’re sharing the last horror movie we’ve watched and whether we recommend it.

If you don’t find anything in that thread, I’m not sure you even like horror but here’s the best of what’s streaming this weekend anyway:

Best of Netflix:

Synchronic. A thriller about two best friends who are paramedics together. One night, they begin to respond to a series of creepy calls related to a new drug on the streets with some pretty bonkers side effects. It turns out, the designer pills can induce time travel. One of our main characters starts experimenting with the drug while the other remains skeptical.

The Invitation. One of my favorite modern horror movies. This is just a really unsettling psychological thriller about a group of old friends at a dinner party from hell.

Streaming elsewhere:

Spontaneous. A horror comedy about two teenagers who fall in love as their classmates begin spontaneously exploding for no reason. It looks cute!

Antebellum. Janelle Monae stars in this horror movie about a writer who is taken to an Antebellum plantation.

This week’s Horror Happenings:

Happy streaming and stay spooky!


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