Robert Pattinson Is Producing a ‘Possession’ Remake for Some Reason

The project has already ignited a bidding war between A24, Netflix, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros.

Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill in Possession (1981).

Another iconic horror movie is getting a remake. This time it is Robert Pattinson producing a remake of the best psychological horror film of the 80s: Possession (1981). Pattinson is partnering with filmmaker Parker Finn who wrote and directed Smile, which we ranked as the #21 best movie of 2022. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project has already ignited a bidding war between A24, Netflix, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros. It seems like Pattinson will also act in the film, but his role will depend on scheduling.

The most famous scene in Possession is a horrifying and theatrical three minute sequence in which Isabelle Adjani acts out a violent miscarriage in a subway tunnel.

Possession is a cult film directed by Andrzej Żuławski, who co-wrote the screenplay with Frederic Tuten. It follows the breakdown of a marriage between an international spy, Mark (Sam Neill), and Anna (Isabelle Adjani). As the relationship ends, both partners spiral and exhibit increasingly disturbing behavior, especially Anna’s activities in a secret apartment she’s been keeping. It is one of the best and weirdest horror movies (that isn’t intentionally goofy) and features an extraordinary performance by Adjani.

Possession (1981) is currently streaming:


Adjani says it took her years to recover from the exhaustion this role caused her and Neill said it was “The most extreme film I’ve ever made, in every possible respect, and [director Andrzej Żuławski] asked of us things I wouldn’t and couldn’t go to now. And I think I only just escaped that film with my sanity barely intact.”

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This news will surely anger genre fans of the “not everything needs a remake” variety. While I generally think remakes are fine and I love Robert Pattinson as much as the next adult Twilight fan, I do not think Possession needs a remake. It is a singularly unhinged and spellbinding film that every horror fan should experience.

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