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It’s been a dark and spooky week here on Creepy Catalog. My state is shutting down again (shout out to Minnesota) so I’ve decided it’s the perfect week to highlight the best isolation horror streaming across the internet. I’m also reading Stephen King’s The Stand and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the the CBS miniseries that will start on Dec. 17. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a novel about an extremely contagious, deadly, and fast-moving virus that ends civilization in the United States in a matter of weeks. Those that are immune to the virus work to find each other and survive (and that’s before things get really bad).

King himself has said that that Coronavirus pandemic is not at all like what happens in The Stand, but I can’t help but find a lot of similarities. By far the creepiest part of the book is when King talks about the fate of people who survived the virus, but died from more random injuries sustained when civilization falls apart.

For example, here is the fate of one young boy after his entire family dies from the super flu epidemic:

Sam Tauber was five and a half years old. His mother had died on June the twenty-fourth in the Murfreesboro, Georgia, General Hospital. On the twenty-fifth, his father and younger sister, two-year-old April, had died. On June the twenty-seventh, his older brother Mike died, leaving Sam to shift for himself. Sam had been in shock ever since the death of his mother. He wandered carelessly up and down the streets of Murfreesboro, eating when he was hungry, sometimes crying. After a while he stopped crying, because crying did no good. It didn’t bring the people back. At night his sleep was broken by horrible nightmares in which Papa and April and Mike died over and over, their faces swollen black, a terrible rattling sound in their chests as they strangled on their own snot. At quarter of ten on the morning of July 2, Sam wandered into a field of wild blackberries behind Hattie Reynolds’s house. Bemused and vacant-eyed, he zigzagged among blackberry bushes that were almost twice as tall as he was, picking the berries and eating them until his lips and chin were smeared black. The thorns ripped at his clothes and sometimes at his bare flesh, but he barely noticed. Bees hummed drowsily around him. He never saw the old and rotted well-cover half buried in tall grass and blackberry creepers. It gave under his weight with a grinding, splintering crash, and Sam plunged twenty feet down the rock-lined shaft to the dry bottom, where he broke both legs. He died twenty hours later, as much from fear and misery as from shock and hunger and dehydration.

Pretty creepy huh? Here’s some more isolation horror for your weekend:

Best of Netflix:

The Blackcoat’s Daughter. A boarding school empties out for spring break and two students are left behind, one who is trying to avoid her parents and one whose parents neglect to pick her up. The religious school is super creepy in the winter darkness and I love this creepy, slow burn movie. Pay attention to the different POVs the story is told from and buckle up for the ending.

Best of Hulu:

The Lodge. A newly divorced dad’s girlfriend and his two kids spend time at an isolated cabin over Christmas vacation. Vibes are tense between the three of them when the dad can’t make the trip right away. The kids and the step-mom to be try to ward off cabin fever but strange things start happening that put everyone even more on edge.

Best of Prime:

A Quiet Place. In a near future following an alien invasion, making any noise is dangerous as the aliens have very powerful hearing. One family tries to survive silently on their rural farm. If you like it, you can look forward to A Quiet Place 2 coming out as soon as the pandemic is over.

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