Did Netflix Just Accidentally Solve A Famous Crime?

Hey spook crew,

Here’s the best of what’s streaming for horror around the internet this weekend:

Best of Netflix:

Rust Creek. I watched this new release randomly because it’s currently trending on Netflix’s top 10. The beginning was the perfect landscape for something creepy to happen and I love how unsettling it was. It even sounded familiar enough that I became convinced that this is a possible explanation for what happened to Maura Murray. The plot is about a college student who gets lost while on her way to a job interview she hasn’t told anyone about. She runs into some shady locals and realizes the danger she’s in as no one knows where she is. From there, things get spooky (and methy).

Best of Hulu:

Krampus. What a better way to get in the holiday spirit than this horror comedy about an evil Christmastime spirit? You could even make a weekend long activity out of it and decorate your house while comparing every single movie about a Krampus ever made.

Best of Amazon Prime:

The Vast of Night. A new Amazon original about a small town in New Mexico in the 1950’s. That setting ring a bell? As the residents discover, “there’s something in the sky”.

This week’s Horror Happenings:

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Happy streaming this weekend. Tell us about your favorite movies and Stay Spooky!!!

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