A Last Supper of Summer Horror

What at first appears idyllic slowly descends into full on horror.

Wolf Creek 2

This is the last weekend of August and unofficially the weekend of summer. I’m celebrating by sending off some of my favorite summer horror movies that are available to stream for free:

Wolf Creek 2. Streaming on Prime. Backpackers braving the heat of the Outback encounter ruthless villain Mick Taylor, based on real Australian serial killer Ivan Milat. One of my favorite horror sequels that lives up to the original.

Midsommar. Streaming on Prime. Controversial Ari Aster film about the horror of a bad relationship. Told through the story of a couple, Dani and Christian, who travel to a remote Scandinavian commune together with Christian’s friends. What at first appears idyllic slowly descends into full on horror.

Sinister II. Streaming on Netflix. An awesome horror movie set during late summer as a mother and her two boys seek to escape from their abusive patriarch. The family settles into a temporary home in rural Illinois, surrounded by cornfields. Little do they know that this is the current home of the evil Bughuul.

If you’re looking for something new, but not summer-themed, Netflix just added Clickbait (a limited series about a man who is kidnapped) and Open Your Eyes (a series about an amnesiac who wakes in a strange hospital).

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Happy streaming and stay spooky!