3 New Tubi Original Horror Movies Are Streaming This Week!

If you haven’t been watching Tubi Originals lately, you’re missing out. Read on as we preview three new Tubi Original horror movies that start streaming during the second full week of March.

ROMI is the first of three new Tubi Original horror movies streaming on March 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2024.

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There’s been a lot of talk around Tubi lately. The free, ad-supported streaming service changed its look at the end of February, much to the debate of social media. Then people started spreading unfounded (and untrue) rumors about Tubi’s policies regarding the movies they stream. Regardless of all the talk, Tubi is still one of the best streamers with what might be the most eclectic library of any streaming service.

One area where Tubi continues to steadily improve is in their growing collection of “Tubi Original” movies. The decision-makers at Tubi must know that many of their most loyal viewers stick with them because of their excellent selection of independent, obscure, and low-to-no-budget horror flicks, because horror films and thrillers have been a major focus for Tubi’s original movies since the beginning. This year has already seen a couple of standout Tubi Original slashers, My Bloody Galentine and Prey for the Bride.

This week (the week of March 10-16) three new Tubi Original horror movies are releasing on three consecutive days! All three trailers were released on March 12th, and it got us excited. So here’s a quick preview of what to expect.

Previewing 3 New Tubi Original Horror Movies


Streaming on Tubi beginning March 14, 2024.
YouTube description: “When a young woman on the run is forced to hide out at a smart home, she becomes terrorized by ROMI, its sinister digital assistant.”

ROMI stars Alexa Barajas (Yellowjackets) as Maddie, a woman who is essentially hidden away by her politician mother after Maddie was the driver responsible for a hit-and-run accident. Maddie is sent to live in a new house that is equipped with an AI virtual assistant called ROMI. Racked with guilt over her hit and run, Maddie begins experiencing unusual things inside the house. Is her mind succumbing to guilt, or is ROMI out to get her?

ROMI sits within the niche “smart home” subgenre of horror, as well as the far less niche “AI run amok” subgenre. Judging by the trailer, there might also be elements of psychological horror, supernatural horror, and voyeurism, but that’s hard to determine without seeing the whole movie. ROMI is based on the short film of the same name directed by Robert Cuffley and written by Susie Moloney, both of who returned to direct and write the feature-film version. Cuffley and Moloney previously worked together on Bright Hill Road which is also available to stream on Tubi.

You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In

Streaming on Tubi beginning March 15, 2024.
YouTube description: “During a bachelorette party in Italy, a group of girls invite a handsome stranger into their home, not realizing he’s a vampire looking for a bride.”

Watching the trailer for You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In, it feels very familiar. A handsome male vampire falling in love with a vulnerable female mortal is a story that has been told many times before. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The great thing about genre movies—and the “vampire romance” is definitely an established genre—is that they can be the same, yet still different in interesting ways. The enjoyment all comes down to execution, and You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In looks good.

The biggest bonus for me is the knowledge that Dave Parker is directing You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In. Way back in 2000, Dave Parker directed a personal favorite, The Dead Hate the Living. That movie knew exactly what it needed to do to satisfy genre fans (the movie is about magic and zombies), so you can be certain that You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In will lean into the staples of the vampire romance genre while still making it fun for people extremely familiar with that type of film.

The Camp Host

Streaming on Tubi beginning March 16, 2024.
YouTube description: “When a young couple and their dog lodge at an idyllic campground, things turn terrifying when the owner reveals herself as a psychopathic killer.”

The Camp Host looks like it’s a campground slasher movie, and that’s all I need to hear to get me to watch it. If you need more than that, take a look at the trailer. The movie is about a couple who try to survive when the host of the campground starts killing everyone. It sounds like it might be in the vein of something like Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1983), and if so, that’s great company to keep. Bloody, darkly funny at times, and creepy. That’s what I’m hoping for with The Camp Host.

The Camp Host is written and directed by Henry Darrow McComas in his first feature as a director. The movie stars Rachel Colwell (whom you might know from TV shows like Resident Alien and Warrior) and Dillon Casey (Sean Pierce in Nikita). Brooke Johnson, who has credits including roles in Friday the 13th: The Series and Forever Knight, costars in The Camp Host as the murderous camp host herself.

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