11 Irish Horror Movies on Tubi in March 2024

Celebrate Irish horror movies throughout March on Tubi!

A Dark Song (2016) expertly blends psychological and supernatural horror.

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St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th in many countries throughout the world. So, in honor of the Feast of St. Patrick, this month’s recommendations are all about exploring some of the best and most fun Irish horror movies on Tubi. Every movie on this list was either produced predominantly in Ireland, features Irish talent in the cast and crew, is set in Ireland, or all of the above.

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Irish Horror Movies Streaming on Tubi

1. Grabbers (2012)

The Grabber creatures as seen in Grabbers (2012).
The director of Grabbers, Jon Wright, also directed the great little-monster movie Unwelcome (2022).

Why Watch It? Grabbers is silly monster-movie fun starring Richard Coyle (Jeff in the brilliant British comedy series Coupling).

Official Description: In this comic sci-fi thriller, the inhabitants of a small island discover they must get drunk in order to survive an invasion of bloodsucking aliens.

2. Sea Fever (2019)

Hermione Corfield in Sea Fever (2019).
Sea Fever was filmed near the town of Wicklow, Ireand. (pictured: Hermione Corfield)

Why Watch It? Sea Fever is a good isolation and infection movie set aboard a claustrophobic fishing boat. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it has a good story keeps the interest and the tension high throughout.

Official Description: The crew of a West of Ireland trawler, stranded at sea, struggle for their lives against a growing parasite in their water supply.

3. A Dark Song (2016)

Steve Oram and Catherine Walker in A Dark Song (2016).
A Dark Song was written and directed by Irish filmmaker Liam Gavin. (pictured: Steve Oram and Catherine Walker)

Why Watch It? A Dark Song grounds occult rituals in realism, making the movie feel like a dark and effective psychological thriller with supernatural and horror elements creeping in as the story moves along. It’s extremely well done.

Official Description: A grief-stricken woman and a reclusive occultist unleash unknown evils while performing an ancient ritual to bring her son back from the dead.

4. Let Us Prey (2014)

Pollyanna McIntosh in Let Us Prey (2014)
Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman, Jadis is The Walking Dead) stars in Let Us Prey, which was filmed in Scotland and Ireland.

Why Watch It? Violent and bloody, Let Us Prey that echoes the works of John Carpenter, especially Assault on Precinct 13 (1976) and Prince of Darkness (1987).

Official Description: A remote town’s newest police recruit makes the wrong first arrest in a mysterious man playing a game of divine retribution to all in the station.

5. High Spirits (1988)

Steve Guttenberg and Daryl Hannah in High Spirits (1988).
High Spirits was filmed at Dromore Castle in County Limerick, Ireland. The same castle was used in The Pope’s Exorcist (2023). (pictured: Steve Guttenberg and Daryl Hannah)

Why Watch It? High Spirits is a fun PG-13 horror-themed comedy with a fantastic cast including Steve Guttenberg, Beverly D’Angelo, Peter O’Toole, Daryl Hannah, Liam Neeson, Donal McCann, Peter Gallagher, and Jennifer Tilly.

Official Description: After a castle-turned-hotel owner rebrands his lodging as a haunted tourist attraction, real phantoms show up, and they’re not happy.

6. The Fantasist (1986)

Moira Sinise answers the phone in The Fantasist (1986).
The Fantasist is a little like a giallo in its approach to its serial-killer story line, but it’s not nearly as racy as that description makes it sound. (pictured in foreground: Moira Sinise)

Why Watch It? The most fascinating aspect of The Fantasist is that it is the second movie directed by Robin Hardy, the same filmmaker who directed the folk horror classic The Wicker Man (1973). The movie itself is odd but interesting.

Official Description: A young Dublin woman is caught in the web of a serial killer who charms his victims over the telephone, before stabbing them in the nude.

7. Citadel (2012)

Aneurin Barnard in Citadel (2012).
Citadel was directed by Irish filmmaker Ciarán Foy who went on to direct Sinister 2 (2015) and Eli (2019). (pictured: Aneurin Barnard)

Why Watch It? Aneurin Barnard’s performance as the agoraphobic Tommy in Citadel is biggest highlight of this tense and scary film.

Official Description: A father joins forces with a renegade priest to save his daughter, who has been abducted by the same gang of teenagers who killed his wife.

8. The Pigman Murders (2015)

The Pigman Murders (2015).
The original title of The Pigman Murders was Sombodys There.

Why Watch It? The Pigman Murders is a pretty-good found footage horror movie from Ireland. It’s a bit of a slow starter, but the final act is fun, and the overall movie is a choice choice for fans of the format who have seen pretty much everything.

Official Description: Seven friends who go into the woods to celebrate one’s anniversary become the hunted in a living hell of sadistic, animal-masked killers.

9. Stitches (2012)

Ross Noble as a killer clown in Stitches (2012).
The role of the killer clown in Stitches was the feature-film acting debut for popular stand-up comedian Ross Noble.

Why Watch It? Stitches is a goofy Irish slasher comedy with a memorable killer (an undead, wise-cracking clown), and a good amount of gore.

Official Description: A vile and foul-mouthed party clown meets an untimely end thanks to a party prank gone wrong and returns from the grave, ready for revenge.

10. Follow the Dead (2020)

Masked home invaders as seen in Follow the Dead (2020).
Follow the Dead was written and directed by Adam William Cahill.

Why Watch It? Though it’s technically a zombie-comedy, Follow the Dead is less about blood and gore, and more about how a group of people deal with news of a nearby zombie outbreak. It’s funny and touching in ways that make great use of its limited budget.

Official Description: As viral videos seem to evidence the fall of Dublin at the hands of the undead, four millennials in rural Ireland can’t discern fake news from real.

11. An Irish Exorcism (2013)

Aislinn Ni Uallachain in An Irish Exorcism (2013).
An Irish Exorcism is a found-footage movie in the vein of The Last Exorcism (2010) and The Blair Witch Project (1999). (pictured: Aislinn Ni Uallachain)

Why Watch It? Though the “documentary gone wrong” setup is similar to many other found footage movies, An Irish Exorcist is still an interesting example of a well-worn format. The movie builds up to a good finale by withholding certain scares until the latter portions of the film.

Official Description: While researching exorcism in the Catholic Church, an anthropology student discovers horror and deceit surrounding a little girl’s demonic possession.

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