Zombie Comedy ‘All You Need is Blood’ Starring Mena Suvari Coming Soon

Mena Suvari, Eddie Griffin, and Logan Riley Bruner to star in the upcoming zombie comedy All You Need is Blood.

Mena Suvari is no stranger to zombies, starring in Day of the Dead (2008), an extremely loose remake of George Romero’s zombie film of the same name.

Mena Suvari returns to horror in the upcoming zombie horror-comedy All You Need is Blood. The movie recently wrapped filmingl

The news about All You Need is Blood was broken by Deadline in an article that also names Eddie Griffin and Logan Riley Bruner as Suvari’s costars. The film, written and directed by Cooper Roberts, is about a teenaged student filmmaker making a short film with friends when a meteor crash lands and turns his father into a zombie.

Mena Suvari in The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999).
One of Mena Suvari’s first horror films was a small but important role in The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999).

Further details on the project (including a release date) are still under wraps, but for now producer Jesse Korman promises that All You Need is Blood will deliver both “carnage” and “heart.” Korman is a producer at Yale Entertainment, the production company responsible for horror and genre movies including Separation (2021), Becky (2020) starring Lulu Wilson, and Netflix’s Stowaway (2021) with Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette.

Eddie Griffin performing stand-up comedy in Eddie Griffin: Undeniable (2018)
In addition to being an actor, Eddie Griffin has a long history of stand-up comedy. (Pictured: Eddie Griffin: Undeniable from 2018).

Mena Suvari has a substantial resume when it comes to horror and thrillers, most recently starring in The Accursed (2022). Other genre credits include Tubi Original Deadly Cheer Mom (2022), What Lies Below (2020), The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999), and Day of the Dead (2008).

Logan Riley Bruner as Fred Benson in Stranger Things (2022).
Logan Riley Bruner is in his mid-twenties, but he often plays younger roles. (Pictured: Stranger Things episode “Vecna’s Curse.”)

All You Need is Blood will be Eddie Griffin’s first foray into horror, though he did appear as Orpheus in Scary Movie 3 (2003). Logan Riley Bruner most recently appeared as Fred Benson in the fourth season of Stranger Things (2022) on Netflix.

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