‘Chucky’ TV Series Returns October 4th for Season 3!

What could possibly be next for the world’s most famous killer doll in Chucky season three?

The phone number seen on the podium in the announcement video asks you to sign up to get texts from Chucky.

Chucky, one of the best horror series currently airing, is returning for another season! Chucky season three begins on October 4th, 2023 on SYFY and USA, with episodes also streaming on Peacock the following day. Here’s Chucky to make the announcement for himself.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Chucky yet, now is a perfect time to start. Season one is currently streaming on both Peacock and AMC+. Season two can be streamed on Hulu and on the SYFY site with a TV subscription, and season two will be on Peacock starting September 4th. Both seasons are also available for purchase on Amazon, as well as on physical media: Season One, Season Two

Chucky is a television series that continues the saga of Chucky which began all the way back in the 1988 film Child’s Play. The series incorporates elements from all of the Child’s Play and Chucky movies (with the exception of the 2019 Child’s Play remake). Brad Dourif continues to play the iconic voice of Chucky the killer doll, and cast members from the films including Jennifer Tilly, Alex Vincent, Fiona Dourif, Christine Elise, Michael Therriault, and Billy Boyd appear in recurring roles.

Jake carries Chucky away from a yard sale.
Jake first comes into contact with Chucky when he buys him at a yard sale in episode one.

Season one of Chucky introduced a new trio of main characters, teens Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Björgvin Arnarson), and Lexy (Alyvia ALyn Lind), as Chucky attempts to manipulate them into unwittingly helping him with his deadly master plan. Season two sees the trio of Jake, Devon, and Lexy sent to a Catholic school after being blamed for a tragic death, and there they encounter an array of new Chucky dolls seeking revenge.

Tiffany freaks out behind the wheel of a car as Glen, Glenda, and Jennifer Tilly in a doll sit as passengers.
It would take a long time to explain everything going on in this image from Chucky season two, and that would only be a small part of the whole story.

Plot details for season three of Chucky haven’t been fully revealed. All we can go by right now is what Chucky says in the teaser announcement: Washington D.C. will get “chucked up,” and Jennifer Tilly (and possibly Devon Sawa) will return. Looking back at Chucky season two and seeing how much more crazy and wild it was when compared to season one, absolutely anything is possible in season three.

Warning, spoilers for the end of Chucky season two below!

Chucky in a Belle dress, holding a knife.
Chucky reveals himself to Tiffany after being disguised as a Belle doll at the end of Chucky season two.

As a reminder, season two ended with a scene of Tiffany in Jennifer Tilly’s body in New York City. Lexy’s little sister Caroline, who was brainwashed by Chucky, is now with Tiffany. Nica, who is also in New York, calls Tiffany and warns her that she is still coming after Tiffany for revenge. Tiffany tries to transfer her soul into a doll, but the doll turns out to be Chucky in disguise. As Caroline smiles, Chucky approaches Tiffany with a knife as the episode ends. Can we expect a direct followup to this scene at the beginning of season three? We’ll find out on October 4th!

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