3 Brand New Thrillers on Streaming

Netflix calls their new film a “Hitchcockian thriller”.

Deep Water will premiere on Hulu on 3/18/22.

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This weekend a horror movie that was getting a lot of buzz at Sundance hits Amazon Prime. Master (2022) is about three women struggling to find their place at a prestigious (but haunted!) East Coast college. Master is writer/director Mariama Diallo’s feature debut and the most traditional horror movie on this weekend’s watch list.

Netflix says their new film, Windfall (2022), is a “Hitchcockian thriller”. Though the trailer makes it look more like a crime comedy, I’ve been excited to see it from the moment Jesse Plemmons said “Try being a rich white guy these days, it sucks!” in the trailer. Plemmons stars with Lily Collins as a married couple accosted by a thief (Jason Segel) in their vacation home.

Hulu also has a new psychological thriller out this weekend, the long-awaited Patricia Highsmith adaptation Deep Water (2022) starring Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. Directed by Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction, Indecent Proposal) and told in his sexually-charged style, Deep Water is about a married couple who play “deadly mind games” with each other.

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