You Better Not Shout

Hey Creepy Crawlers,

Here’s the best of what’s streaming this weekend:

Best of Netflix:

The Ripper. Netflix’s new docuseries dropped this week. It’s about the tragic murders of 13 women at the hands of Peter William Coonan, known at the time as the Yorkshire Ripper. While the four episode series is as creepy as any well done true crime show, one of the most interesting and horrifying aspects of this case is how the Ripper’s victims are treated by the police and the public. Because he (like many murderers before and after him) preyed on sex workers, they are viewed as imperfect victims and “deserving” to die because of their professions.

Netflix also released the creepy ballerina series Tiny Pretty Things this week, but despite our high hopes it hasn’t been getting great reviews.

Best of Hulu:

Misery. This Stephen King adaptation from 1990 stars Kathy Bates (she’s brilliant) and is absolutely required viewing if you haven’t seen it. It’s about a horror author and his #1 fan. I guarantee there is at least one scene in particular that will live in your head rent free. Plus, it takes place in snowy Colorado so it’s perfect viewing for one of the first really wintery weekends of the year.

Best of Amazon:

Better Watch Out. A fun Christmas horror movie about a boy, his best friend, and his babysitter who are tormented by someone outside the house. The actors who play the best friend and the babysitter were also the brother-sister duo in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit. Even though Shyamalan had nothing to do with Better Watch Out, this movie also sports a killer twist. It’s kind of a deranged Home Alone.

This week’s Horror Happenings:

— Just in case you missed out, here’s every horror movie that’s been released in 2020.

What your morbid niche historical childhood interest says about you.

— I’m trying to determine if ‘The Lie’ is a great horror movie or a really annoying troll.

— Big drama this week with horror game Cyberpunk 2077. We explained everything here.

— Bret Easton Ellis’ new horror movie looks… kind of bad?

— Now that we’ve cracked a new cypher from the Zodiac Killer, I’ve compiled a list of reasons I think he was Arthur Leigh Allen.

— Gwyneth included a $2,000 bedazzled Ouija board in Goop’s holiday gift guide.

The Undoing was a really great miniseries.

— POV: you’re about to soil your pants.

— Todd Grimson’s horror novel ‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ is becoming a series.

True scary story megamix.

— I’m having a hard time waiting until January for Antlers to come out.

Enjoy your weekend horror viewing and stay spooky!!!

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