I will be dedicating my weekend to figuring out ‘Who Killed Sara?’

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The Irregulars on Netflix

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

I’m on a really good Netflix streak. Last week, I LOVED their Kristin Davis with a hot nanny thriller, Deadly Illusions. This week, I am hooked on Who Killed Sara? I will immediately be following up with The Irregulars which I just learned about for this newsletter. I’m not big on period movies or series, but anything gothic is an exception. Read on for descriptions and the rest of what’s streaming this weekend.

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Best of Netflix:

Who Killed Sara? A new Netflix murder-mystery/thriller series that takes place 18 years after the protagonist Alex was wrongfully imprisoned for the death of his sister, Sara. Now that he has served his time, Alex is intent on getting revenge on Sara’s real killer, Rodolfo, of the wealthy Lazcano family. However, when Alex starts digging he realizes there is a lot more to his sister’s death than he once believed.

Knock, Knock (2015). This Keanu Reeves horror movie leaves Netflix at the end of April. It’s about a happily married man who is accosted by two beautiful women at his door. Reeves’ character demurs the women’s advances at first but then sleeps with them. Afterwards, the women become increasingly volatile and threatening. It’s a pretty good gender bent home invasion horror movie.

The Irregulars. Another new Netflix original series. This one is about a gang of misfits in 19th century London who solve supernatural crimes with the help of a spooky version of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. It looks plenty gruesome for horror fans too.

Other good horror streaming this week:

  • The Ruins (2008) is streaming on Prime. A straightforward horror movie about a group of friends who get more than they bargained for when they visit an ancient Mayan temple on vacation. Remember vacation? Those things we used to take when we were allowed to leave the country? These friends battling for survival will make you happy you are enjoying a movie from the comfort of your couch.
  • A director’s cut of Hell House, LLC is also now free on Prime.

This week’s horror happenings:

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Happy streaming and stay spooky!


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