‘Squid Game’ Is as Good as Everyone Says It Is

Don’t be surprised if you binge this one from start to finish.

Squid Game is an amazing survival horror drama streaming on Netflix.

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

Welcome to October, the best month of the year. After last year’s pandemic-induced horror draught there is so, SO much to look forward to. Pretty much every streaming platform is doing an excellent job with their horror selection, especially Netflix who is dropping at least one new horror movie every week until Halloween. Here’s the best of what you’ll find this weekend:

Squid Game. Streaming on Netflix. This show is being hyped up as possibly the biggest show in Netflix history. The Korean horror is about 456 people who find themselves in a deadly competition of children’s games that will end with one survivor being awarded around $40 million. I was weary of the premise because I assumed it meant the show would be really gory, however I was pleasantly surprised to find Squid Game is a suspenseful, character-driven horror that immediately sucks you in. Don’t be surprised if you binge this one from start to finish.

The Guilty. Premieres Friday (10/1) on Netflix. I can’t wait to watch this Jake Gyllenhaal movie about a 911 operator who is desperate to save the life of a caller. The entire movie takes place almost in real time, which always draws me in and makes the suspense feel palpable.

Till Death. Streaming on Netflix. This Megan Fox movie just hit theaters in July, I’m excited the wait time between theatrical releases and streaming services picking up movies up seems to be shrinking. The plot is very similar to Gerald’s Game: a woman is handcuffed to her very recently deceased POS husband at an isolated country cabin. However, rather than supernatural elements tormenting her, Megan Fox’s character has to deal with very real, and very bad humans arriving at the cabin to rob a safe.

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Happy streaming and stay spooky!!