The #2 Movie on Netflix Is a Scary Thriller With a Bonkers Twist Ending

The wild twist made me extremely paranoid about being home alone.

Helen Hunt stars as a family woman navigating the fallout of an affair amidst her husband’s work on a creepy kidnapping case in I See You (2019).

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Streaming selections for this weekend:

I See You (2019). Streaming on Netflix. Currently the #2 movie on Netflix, I See You follows a detective and his family as he works the case of a kidnapped 10-year-old boy. Mysterious things start to happen in the detective’s home and he and his wife are also dealing with the fallout of an affair. The wild twist made me extremely paranoid about being home alone.

MH370: The Plane that Disappeared (2023). Streaming on Netflix. A three part docuseries exploring the 2014 disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines flight carrying 239 passengers.

A Quiet Place Part II (2021). Streaming on Prime. Included with Prime membership this month is the second installment of John Krasinski’s Quiet Place story. Cillian Murphy joins Emily Blunt in a post-alien invasion world where making any noise puts you in immediate danger.

This week in horror:

Happy streaming and stay spooky!

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