This Is Your Sign From the Universe to Watch Horror Movies All Weekend

This weekend is a good weekend to stay home and watch horror.

The latest addition to the Predator franchise is here with Prey (2022) streaming now on Hulu!

Hey Creepy Catalogers,

This weekend is a good weekend to stay home and watch horror. Here’s the best of what’s streaming around the internet:

Prey (2022). Streaming on Hulu. Dan Trachtenberg created a fresh entry into the Predator series that’s getting great reviews with some people saying its the best since the original!

Allegoria (2022). Streaming on Shudder. A group of artists experience terror when their art begins to become reality in the form of demons, monsters and death.

Secrets of Playboy. Streaming on Peacock. For true crime fans or people who are just curious about what went on inside the infamous Playboy mansion, this docuseries is CHILLING.

This week in horror:

Creepy reads:

Happy streaming and stay spooky!!!

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