8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Horror Movie Fans

Whether you’re gifting for someone else or looking for something special for yourself (no judgment!), here are some gifts that will fill even the darkest of hearts with merriment and glee.

The John Carver plushie from NECA is fresh from this year’s Thanksgiving.

Yes, the holidays are around the corner, but spooky season never ends for horror fans. Whether you’re gifting for someone else or looking for something special for yourself (no judgment!), here are some gifts that will fill even the darkest of hearts with merriment and glee.

A Limited Edition Steelbook from Shout Factory

The Carrie steelbook at Shout Factory.

A steelbook of a horror fan’s favorite movie will thrill even the most desensitized. Shout Factory’s limited edition offerings feature exclusive artwork, which is excellent news for collectors. They’re currently offering steelbooks of Carrie (1976), The Fog (1980), Army of Darkness (1992), Pumpikhead (1988), Motel Hell (1980), and My Bloody Valentine (1981).

The steelbooks sometimes offer bonus features, posters, or NECA dolls (if you’re unfamiliar, hold on tight). If you’re gifting for a diehard Carrie fan, check out their two additional options with mixes of bonus products. Similarly, their steelbooks of The Fog have three options for those willing to pay more.

Horror Apparel from CAVITYCOLORS

The Nope jogger sweatpants come in XS to 2X.

Never underestimate the power of a horror-themed t-shirt, but remember, they are not all created equal! CAVITYCOLORS has earned a spot in the hearts of genre ghoulies since 2012 with its high-quality, officially licensed products. They stand out by showing love for major and cult horror classics alike.

Their new releases now include an insane Krampus (2015): Naughty List T-Shirt right in time for the Holidays and a vibrant Predator: Spine Ripper T-Shirt in thermal vision tie-die. Check out CAVITYCOLORS’ 80+ collections; you will find something for every fan. If you’re overwhelmed, they also offer gift cards.

A Nostalgia-Drenched Horror Board Game from Mixtape Massacre

With this horror board game gift, you know you’ll get quality time with the horror fan in your life.

Mixtape Massacre began as a board game that allowed horror fans to immerse themselves in an 80s slasher. Centered around a (fictional) 1986 killing spree, up to six players face off against masked and supernatural monsters one would likely see in one of their favorite horror movies.

Since the 2015 launch, they’ve added many variations and expansions, but the spirit is still the same. So, if you find yourself gifting for a horror fan who’s also into tabletop board games, I’d highly suggest you check it out.

A Horror Version of Guess Who? and More from Etsy

This Scream VI ‘Guess Who?’ template is a digital download, which means you can craft your own “homemade” gift for just $5.

Etsy is a fantastic marketplace for creatives to offer handmade products you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, which makes it the perfect place for extremely unique gifts. For example, a few sellers provide Guess Who? board games customized with horror movie themes. Looking for spooky stocking stuffers? Search for “VHS-inspired horror mini magnets.” Honestly, the options are endless. Simply search Etsy for “horror gifts” and thank us later.

NECA Horror Action Figures and Collectibles

Who wouldn’t want this adorable John Carver plushie from Thanksgiving (2023)?

If you’re gifting for a horror fan who’s also a collector, chances are they know all about NECA and love their products. Collectors praise NECA, founded in 1996, for its highly detailed (and sought-after) action figures. They’re offering merch for the new Thanksgiving movie with several John Carver action figures.

Fans would love to get their bladed fingers on NECA’s Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors (30th Anniversary) Freddy action figure or Halloween (2018) Michael Myers. Act now if these sound appealing because the horror figures sell out quickly. And like all collectibles, once they’re gone, that’s it unless you’re willing to buy them for an arm and a leg from the secondary market.

Funko Pop! Exclusives

The Funko website also has a “Pop! Yourself” option so you can create a mini figure of your horror bestie to go along with their favorite horror movie character.

Funko “Pop!” figures are those cute little chibi-style vinyl figures usually found near trading cards in department stores such as Walmart and Target. A few convenience stores, such as CVS and Walgreens, carry them too. Looking around, you’ll likely find something for a horror fan. Or, you could check out their website and filter for more exclusive options.

Exclusive Pop!’s, true to their namesake, are a bit harder to find due to their limited release, usually online, at events such as conventions or local comic book shops. Right now, Funko’s exclusive options include The Black Phone’s The Grabber in (Blood) Red Molding, Interview with the Vampire (1994)’s Louis De Pointe Du Lac with a Scythe, and The Exorcist (1973)’s Regan in Bed (and fully possessed).

Pop!’s are great gifts for collectors and non-collectors alike. They’re usually small enough for people to place on their desks at home or work and big enough to horrify the space and make a statement.

A24 Makes Great Horror Movies and Gifts for Fans

The Midsommar screenplay book is $60.

A24’s horror catalog includes many modern classics, such as Hereditary (2018) and Midsommar (2019). What many might not know is that A24’s website offers stunning merch for several of their projects.

A Midsommar Screenplay book, for example, was recently released. Complete with bonus sketches, photos, sheet music, and more, it’s a must-have for diehard fans of Ari Aster’s dark fairy tale. Fans of Hereditary and The Witch (2015), don’t worry: they’re offering beautifully bound screenplays for those as well.

Monkeypaw’s “Wares” for Mischief Makers Who Want to Support a Cause

Monkeypaw’s tie-dyed logo tee comes in sizes S-XXL.

Monkeypaw earned a spot in the hearts of horror fans with Jordan Peele’s Get Out in 2017. The production company’s catalog grows and waves with each new project, including Us (2019) and Nope (2022). The ever-growing fanbase is loyal and ever-hungry for more. If you’re gifting for such a person, picking up something from Monkeypaw’s “Wares” on their website is worth considering.

Right now, they’re selling Embroidered Logo Tees, Hoodies, and other clothing items. Or, you can grab a paperback copy of Get Out: The Complete Annotated Screenplay for superfans of the project.

According to the website, Monkeypaw donates a percentage of sales proceeds to HBCU in LA, a non-profit aligning students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities with careers in the entertainment industry. So, no matter what you buy, know that your gifting works two-fold.

Until Shudder releases official gift cards, that’s it! Remember, when it comes to gifting, the thought counts most. So, don’t overthink it! Something as simple as setting up a surprise movie night with snacks and their favorite feature queued up is perfect. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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