Ryan W. Kinney

Ryan a.k.a. Brother Ghoulish is a horror content creator and author of There’s Something Wrong in Morrington County, a QPOC-lead horror short story collection.

A Scary Comedy About the Horrors of Perfectionism is Now Streaming

“I think we all have these sort of secret parts of ourselves that if you’re looking at someone’s face, you’re like, “They seem fine,” but then behind their back, they’re picking their cuticles. And I think that that is almost a microcosm of the greater metaphor of the movie of– You know, we have all these interior moments. And it can feel very isolating.”

70 Trivia Facts About the ‘Leprechaun’ Franchise

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a vampire bit the leprechaun? The could’ve-been sequel Vamprechaun would’ve explored the answer to that question in the most chaotic way possible. Instead of biting your neck, the Vamprechaun would bite your ankles. Seriously.